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You can't, it's protected by copyright.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-02 23:52:36
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Q: Where can you downoad sonic adventure 2?
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Is Sonic Adventure 2 on DSi?

No, Sonic Adventure 2 is only on Dreamcast and Gamecube as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Can knuckles dig holes in sonic and knuckles?

No he cant. Only on sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic DX and sonic adventure 2 battle.

Can you use Sonic Advance 2 with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

No as Sonic Advance 2 came out after Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was only made to be compatible with Sonic Advance.

Is there a sonic adventure 3 battle?

No. The last Sonic Adventure was Adventure 2 which was released in 2001. I doubt there will be another Sonic Adventure but in a interview a member at Sega he likes the idea of remaking Adventure 1.

Was Sonic adventure 2 battle before of after Sonic DX?

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle came out 1 year before Sonic Adventure DX.

Which game is better Sonic Adventure 2 or Sonic the Hedgehog 06?

Sonic Adventure 2 By The SuperAmr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there going to be a Sonic Adventure 3?

There is a Sonic Adventure #1 and a Sonic Adventure #2.There is now a Sonic Adventure 3 - released in 2011 - the year of the Sonic 20th anniversary.

Sonic adventure 2 chao?

Yes there are chaos in sonic adventure 2 battle

What Sonic Game is Best for Chao Raising?

Sonic adventure battle 2

Can you be super sonic?

Depends on which game you're talking about, but yes. Sonic 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Heroes, Sonic The Hedgehog (For Wii, XBox 360 and PS3), and most Sonic Games you can be. Usually, doing it requires the 7 Chaos Emeralds. However, in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, its' done as a special extra quest.

Is sonic Dx 2 coming out?

It is already out. The sequel to that game is called Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Dx is a re release of sonic adventure, and they also re released sonic adventure 2.

Is there a sequel to sonic adventure A.Yes Also there is a sonic adventure 2 battle for gamecube?

Yes there is a sonic adventure 2 battle for the gamecube. I know because I have it~

What is the difference between Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Sonic Adenture 2 is the original game for the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a remake for the Gamecube. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle has better graphics, chao karate class, chao activities and chao shops.

Is there a Sonic Adventure for the Wii?

No, the Sonic Adventure series ended with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, which is playable on the Wii, but not intendedly released for it.

What sonic games are rouge playable?

Rouge can be played as in... Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sonic Battle sonic riders That is all I can think of.

Is there a Sonic Adventure 2 movie?

No. However, Sonic X's Shadow Saga is based off the Sonic Adventure 2 storyline.

Sonic adventure 2 battle?

Sonic adventure 2 battle is a video game to Game Cube.

Is it out sonic adventure 4 battle?

There is no Sonic Adventure 4 Battle, there is Sonic Adventure 2 Battle but that was released 8 years ago.

How do you get rid of animal parts on sonic adventure dx?

How do you get rid of the animals in sonic adventure dx without sonic adventure 2 battle

Is there such thing as sonic adventure 3?

technically no but sonic heroes is continuing on from adventure 2

Did sonic adventure dx come out after sonic adventure 2 battle?

Only for the gamecube.

Will Sonic Adventure 2 come out for PS3?

It is possible that Sonic Adventure 2 will be downloadable off of PSN as Sonic Adventure was released earlier this year. But no information has been released.

Is sonic adventure 2 on PC?

Sonic Adventure 2 will be released on PC via Steam later this year.

What is the sonic adventure game called where you can race chaos when you go behind the water fall in chao land?

Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast, or Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for Gamecube.

Is Sonic heroes like Sonic adventure 3?

yes it continues where adventure 2 left of