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if you choose the grass starter then your rival will have an infernape or when you go to the Pokemon league , the 3rd elite four is a fire type user . he will have an infernape.

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Can you get infernape in pokemon soulsilver?

you can trade with a Pokemon pearl, diamond, or platinum for an infernape

How do you catch Infernape in Pokemon FireRed?

Infernape FireredInfernape is new to Pokemon pearl and diamond, and cannot be found in any Gameboy games. It's only in Pearl and Diamond. I have Pokemon pearl and an infernape myself. You can tranasfer Pokemon from GBA Pokemon games to diamond and pearl, BUT NOT, vice versa. email me plz at tgrebner001@gmail.com

Were can you find Infernape in emerald?

You cannot find an infernape in Pokemon emerald for that Pokemon you need Pokemon platinum, pearl or diamond.

Where is a Infernape in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Infernape does not exist in Pokemon LeafGreen. Infernape didn't exist until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which was released after LeafGreen.

How do you get a infernape Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Copy your team with infernape in it from Diamond Pearl or Platinum

Where can infernape be found in Pokemon diamond?

You can' get Infernape, it's an exclusive starter you can choose at the beginning of the game.

How do you get infernape eggs in Pokemon diamond?

You go to the day care and put it with a Ditto. You also only get a Chimchar not Infernape.

What Pokemon are the best for the diamond game?

darkrai shaymen infernape and staraptor

Where do you find Infernape in Pokemon diamond?

ither you have to start with chimpchar or trade

Whats the best fire Pokemon in diamond?

Either moltres or infernape

What is a good ground pokemon in diamond?

Infernape Garchomp Lucario Staraptor

Why cant you breed Pokemon like Infernape with ditto on Pokemon diamond?

You can't? I've done it on my Diamond game before with no problems.

How do you get a chimchar egg on Pokemon diamond?

You must breed a Monferno or Infernape with a Pokemon to get the chimchar egg.

How does Monferno evovle in Pokemon Diamond?

Chimchar L14 > Monferno L36 > Infernape

How many times does chimchar evolve in Pokemon Diamond version?

Chimchar evolves twice in Pokemon Diamond Version. From Chimchar to Monferno to Infernape.

What are the best Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

in my opinion with no legendaries infernape/lucario/hipodon/staraptor/electrovire and dusknor

What is the 6 best Pokemon to have in your team in Pokemon diamond?

infernape floatzel roserade garchomp staraptor dialga

What is a good Pokemon team for beating the Pokemon league in Pokemon diamond?

Uxie,Staraptor, Umbreon, Infernape, Luxray, Medicham

Best team for Pokemon Diamond?

infernape starrapter arceus garchomp milotic rayquaza

What is the best team on Pokemon Diamond?


How do you catch an Infernape?

you can`t in Pokemon diamond or pearl you need to chose chimchar as your starter

What is the best team to have in Pokemon Diamond?

Infernape, Tortera, Empoleon, Staraptor, Luxray, Garchomp

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