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Hi all :)

Well, I am not really sure it is a placenta (coz I question it myself) but for quite a while, being closer to the begining of the 3d trimester, I felt constant pulsating (like my normal pulse) in the area of my stomach - as far as I remember b4 I do not remember whether anything like that happening. So, I guess, it could be placenta. :)

Hope it helps.. though I need an answer on it mylself... :))

Good luck with ur pregnancies, ladies, and please eat well (more raw and freshly squised juices) coz ur babies are what u eat! :)


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feeling baby's heartbeat.You can't feel the baby's heartbeat, but you can hear it. and I believe that is at 5 months.
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Q: Where can you feel the placenta pulsating?
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