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Q: Where can you find 100 percent save file of Disney Pixar Cars for PSP UK version?
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Was Cars a Pixar movie?

Yes, it was a cooperative work from Disney and Pixar, after Pixar was bought out by Disney.

What Disney-Pixar movie was released after Cars?

2007's Ratatouille was the next Disney-Pixar film after Cars.

What year did diney Pixar Cars come out?

Disney/Pixar's CARS came out in June of 2006.

How do you get on to the mirror cup on Disney Pixar cars?

that's Mario kart not Disney cars

What is the first joint Disney Pixar film?

I'm pretty sure Cars was the first Disney-Pixar film.

Who thought of the Movie of Cars and Cars 2?

Disney and Pixar films

What is the movie Cars?

It is an animated Disney Pixar film.

Who plays the voice of Lighting McQueen in the Greek version of Disney-Pixar's Cars?

i think somebody that drives a hot rod.

When was Disney-Pixar's Cars released?

Cars was released on June 9, 2006.

On the Disney Pixar Cars the video game where do you find all of Lizzie's postcard?

try to search "disney pixar cars the video game postcards hunt" on

What cars are in Disney Pixar's cars?

Below is a related link to a list of cars/characters in the film 'Cars' ,

Is 'Cars' a Pixar movie?

Yes. And distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Is Disney and Pixar's Cars public domain or copyright?

Everything made by Disney is under copyright.

Do you need a fat ps2 to play Disney Pixar cars?

No! I have a Thin PS2 and I can play Cars!

How do you unlock mirror cup on Disney Pixar cars on psp?

That's Mario kart not cars

Where can one purchase diecast Disney Pixar cars?

Diecast Disney Pixar cars can be purchased through collectors or at flea markets. For other options on newer model cars check toy stores, specialty shops and Walmart.

When does Disney Pixar cars 2 come out?

It is coming out on June 24th, 2011

Will there be a Disney Pixar Cars Two?

Yes it comes out 2011 June 24

When will Disney Pixar cars 2 come to theaters?

June 24, 2011

Who is voice is Lightning McQueen's in Cars?

Owen Willson is the voice of Lightning Mcqueen in Disney pixar's "cars"

What year did disney Pixar Cars 2 come out?

"Cars 2" came out June 24, 2011 .

What does Pixar do?

Pixar is part of Disney. They created the more modern animated movies such as Toy Story, Tangled, Frozen, Cars etc.

Is the 2011 Disney Pixar Cars 2 going to be a theater release or DVD?

There won't even be a cars 2

Do you like Disney Pixar cars 2?

Not really. I've always thought the Cars films were rather mediocre.

Is there going to be a Disney Pixar cars 2?

Yes, it comes out on June 24 of 2011.