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How did the ncis team find agent cassidy after she was kidnapped in episode titled mindgames that aired in 2005?

by tracking the lawyer and/or the novelist

What hotel was Tennessee Ernie Ford kidnapped from?

As far as I can find out he was never kidnapped.

What episode of Roseanne does she find out she's pregnant with jerry?

It's season seven, episode 1- nine is enough. Right at the end.

Where can i find a complete list of every Dr. Who episode in order with information of the format released on including the missing episodes?


What is a sentence for kidnapped?

1. She was kidnapped and held for ransom. 2. The police believe the man has been kidnapped and hope to find him soon. 3. The terrorists released the kidnapped man after 2 months.

In which episode is Orihime kidnapped?

is it ep. 64 "New School Term, Renji has Come to the Material World" or u talking about the arrancars that i dont know im trying to find out

Where can you find episode twenty-seven of Mew Mew Power on-line?

pokemon 2000

Was Gary Brolsma really kidnapped?

lol no cause if he really was the people who ''kidnapped' him wouldent of sent a video of saying that they did on youtube cause police find them like even when on wikianswers it said the band that kidnapped him was the mockinbirds if it were real police would find the band and just take him but REALLY HE DID NOT GET kidnapped

Where can you watch Rosario to Vampire episode 8?

you can find it in subbed format here in divx as well and you can find all the rosario+vampire episodes -

Do they find Sophia in The Walking Dead season 2?

Yes, she is the last walker to leave Hershel's barn. In episode seven.

Were can you find Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream episode 50 full episode?

You Can Find Episode 50 is on

Which episode does ichigo find out that his mom was a Quincy?

episode 296

In what episode of code geass is suzaku knighted?

Suzaku is officially made Euphemia's Knight in episode 18 of the first season. We find out that Suzaku is promoted to Knight of Seven in episode 2 of Code Geass R2. Suzaku is again promoted to Knight of Zero in episode 21 of Code Geass R2.

Where can you find the the choirboys on DVD?

where can i find choirboys in dvd format

Which Digimon episode do they find out kari?

She appears for the first time in the 21st episode, but if you are referring about the episode the Digidestined find out she was the eighth child all along it happened in the 34th episode.

When did Shinichis' parents find out that he is Conan?

His parents find out in episode 43 of the Japanese version (Edogawa Conan Kidnapping Case) and episode 44 of the English Version (Conan is kidnapped). They actually (not including spoilers) play a pretty mean trick on Conan because Dr. Agasa tells them, and, in fact, Dr. Agasa gets in on it too! Ah, Yusaku and Yukiko are just like that!

How do you find scientific notation on excel?

You find scientific notation in Excel under the Format - Number menu.

What episode does videl find out gohan is dead?

episode 226

What episode does riza find out that roy is blind?

episode 64

What episode do you find out that Bart is allergic to shrimp?

Episode 5

What episode of sonic x do they find vanilla?

In episode 39.

What episode of bleach do you find out who mudamasa belongs to?

Episode 251

Wherw can i find drake and josh really big shrimp episode?

You can find the Drake and Josh Really Big Shrimp episode online. You can also find this episode at your local library.

Where can you find episode four of Gossip Girl?

You can find it on Itunes or Amazon; it cost about USD$1.99/episode.

Where can you find episode 14 of vampire knight?

There is no episode 14, episode 13 was the season finale.

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