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um i guess you could go to a comic store or any book store should have a manga section

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You can find the "Rune Soldier" manga in some online manga reading platforms, bookstores that specialize in manga and graphic novels, or through digital platforms like Comixology or Amazon Kindle. You may also have luck finding it in libraries or through interlibrary loan services.

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Q: Where can you find Rune Soldier manga?
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Why did the Louie the rune soldier Manga stop at volume 4?

The manga adaptation of "Louie the Rune Soldier" was canceled after volume 4 due to low sales or lack of popularity. This is a common reason for manga series to be discontinued before covering the entire story.

What are the release dates for Rune Soldier - 2000?

Rune Soldier - 2000 was released on: Japan: 2000 (Japanese version) USA: 2003 (English version)

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Where can I get the Rune Factory 2 manga?

You can buy it on the Japanese Amazon. Go to "Related Links" to see the site. The manga will be in Japanese of course. There is no English translation for this manga anywhere. At least there isn't any as of now.

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In the Manga she becomes the Queen, but in the Anime she gives the place of the Queen to Chocolat.

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