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no you can't find a torchic egg in Pokemon platinum

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Where is the torchic egg on Pokemon emerald?

It's not possible to simply find a Torchic egg on Pokémon Emerald. Instead ,you would have to breed a female Torchic, Combusken or Blaziken.

How do you get a torchic egg in Pokemon sapphire?

Breed a female torchic, combuskin, blaziken with a male torchic, combuskin, blaziken or other Pokemon with the same egg group which is ground (not the type)

Where can you find Manaphy in Pokemon Platinum after I finish the sinnioh Pokemon?

You can't "find" him. You have to trade the egg from Pokemon ranger over to platinum, where you can hatch it.

Where to find the egg of manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

you have to do the mission in Pokemon rangers(manaphy egg mission)and trade it to your platinum you can get phione by breeding manaphy with ditto at the day care.(its not fair to have 2 games for just a Pokemon in platinum)

Where do you find phione in Pokemon platinum?

You can't find it you have to get a manaphy and a ditto and make them have an egg. when you hatch the egg you will have a phione.

How do you get a Togepi in platinum?

you get it from an egg in Pokemon platinum

How do you get a Manphy in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to find someone who beat Pokemon Ranger and receive the egg from their game.

Where do you get a turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum?

You can not get a Turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum. But if you breed a Turtwig with a Ditto, then it is possible.

Where do you find a manaphy egg on Pokemon Platinum?

In order to get a Manaphy egg in Pokemon Platinum, you will need to either, 1. Trade with someone who has a Manaphy egg. 2. Wi-Fi events. 3. Complete the special Ranger missions in Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, or Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs and transfer the Manaphy Egg to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you get a male riolu egg in Pokemon Platinum?

to get a Riolu egg in Pokemon platinum you have to go to iron island by taking the ferry from Canvalve city then find riley in the cave and battle with her. then at the end she will give you the egg but you must have room in your party.

How can you get a manaphy egg in Pokemon Platinum without cheats?

It is impossible to get a manaphy egg in Pokemon Platinum without cheats. You either use a cheat or get the egg from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

Can you get a Dialga egg on Pokemon platinum?

No, you cannot get a Dialga Egg in Pokémon Platinum.

Where do you find a trainer with a manaphy in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no trainer in Pokemon Platinum with a Manaphy. However, you can trade with someone who has a Manaphy, or complete the special Ranger mission in Pokemon Ranger and transfer the Manaphy egg over to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Where is the hiker who gives you a happiny egg in Pokemon Platinum?

Im sorry, but there is no happiny egg in Pokemon platinum. You got diamond or pearl? trade from there

Where do you get a manaphy egg in Pokemon platinum?

You have to have Pokemon ranger. If you do complete a special mission, and then obtain the egg, then you put platinum in a different ds, and connect them

How do you get manaphe on Pokemon Platinum?

Trade from Pokemon Ranger as an egg.

Is the a Pokemon modifire for platinum?

Use POKESAV to get an egg, and hatch it in Platinum

Action replay Pokemon platinum Lugia egg?

pokemon piatunum lugia egg code

Where can you find elekid in Pokemon platinum?

you can't find it but you can get a egg of elekid by put a male and female eletabuzz in the day care

Where do you find a phony on Pokemon platinum?

You can't find one! You need to breed a manaphy in the daycare with a ditto and when you get an egg in will be a phony.

Where do you find your first egg on Pokemon platinum?

in eturna city near the cycle shop cyinthia will give it to you

Where can you find a riolu on Pokemon platinum?

You have to hatch it from the egg you received from Riley at Iron Mountain/Iron Island

Where do you get a togetic in Pokemon Diamond?

You get a togepi egg in Pokemon Platinum, not Diamond.

Can you transfer a egg from Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon Black?

you cant but when the egg hatches then you can trade hope this helped.

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