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Either Brownells, or Gun Parts Corp.

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Q: Where can you find a blueprint for a Marlin model forty nine rifle?
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Is a Marlin Model 39A the same as Marlin Model 39M?

The marlin model 39A is the rifle model,while the Marlin model 39M is the carbine model.

How old is a Marlin model 781 22 rifle?

The marlin model 781 .22cal rifle was made from 1971-1988.

What Marlin rifle is the cross reference for the Coast to Coast model 42?

Marlin model 70.

Is the j c Higgins model 103.228 and marlin model 80 the same rifle?

Both the Sears 103.2 and the 103.228 models are a Marlin Model 80 rifle.

Marlin golden model 39-a what is a 22 long rifle marlin golden model 39-a?

The Marlin Model Golden 39A is the oldest and longest continuously produced shoulder firearm (rifle) in the world.

What year Marlin model 1897 serial number 168xxx?

Your marlin model 1897 .22cal rifle was made by marlin in 1898.

What year was the Marlin model 1936 produced?

The model 36 Marlin rifle was made from 1936-1947.

Where can you find disassembly instructions for a Marlin Model 80 rifle?

Contact Marlin.

How old is marlin model 97 rifle serial number 339982?

With the serial number that you provided,your Marlin model 1897 rifle was made in the year 1906.

What is the value of 33 cal marlin rifle model 95?

Friend has a 33 Marlin for sale. Just what is this rifle and the cost?

What is the model and year of a marlin 35cal rifle with the serial number g29440?

You have a Marlin model 336 rifle,which with the letter prefix of G indicates that your rifle was made in the year 1950.During this time frame Marlin made the model 336A,the model 336RC(Regular Carbine),the model 336SC(sporting carbine)and the standard model 336.

Who made the revelation model 220A rifle?


What is the date of manufacture for a Model 336 Marlin rifle with the serial number 20116872?

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 336 rifle was made in the year 1980.

What was the first year for the Marlin Model 925?

The Marlin model 925 22 long rifle, was first introduced in 2003. Before that it was Glenfield Marlin model 25 or just Marlin model 25. Hope this helps.

What is the age of marlin model 60 serial number 20548955?

Your Marlin model 60 rifle was made in the year 1980.

What year was the original model of the marlin 444 rifle discountinued?

The original Marlin model 444 was produced from 1965-1971.

What type of ammo does a model 781 marlin 22 use?

The marlin model 781 was chambered for the .22 long rifle.

Who made the Model 41 10319770 22 rifle for Sears Roebuck?

It is a Marlin Model 101..good rifle.

How old is your marlin 30 30 model 336 rifle serial number is 72008472?

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 336 rifle was made in the year 1972.

Who made sears 22 rifle model 43?

Your rifle was made for Sears by Marlin.The Marlin model 81 and your rifle are one and the same.

What is the age of a 32 40 marlin model 1893 serial 96230?

Your Marlin model 1893 rifle was made by marlin in 1894 with the serial number that you provided.

What is the value of a Marlin model 6079 22 rifle?

The model 6079 OTASCO rifle, was made by Marlin, and is identical to the model 60 Marlin, except for the OTASCO commemorative markings, and less expensive birch stock. These models run concurrently with Marlin model 60 which sell in the $100-$125 range, if in excellent condition.

What year is serial number 96436331 marlin model 60 marlin 22 rifle?


What kind of ammunition can you use with a marlin model 60?

A Marlin Model 60 fires a .22 Long Rifle cartridge. The Marlin Model 60 fires a .22 LR cartridge.

Where can you get a clip for a Glenfield Model 25 rifle?

straight from marlin