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This kind of question scares me. Electricians are professionals and went to school to learn how to do this without a book in our hands. Please for the sake of your Family and neighbors hire a pro. The sales people at Home Depot are probably not Electricians!


Each country has its own electrical wiring regulations. For example, the UK, which operates a 230-V residential system, these regulations are specified in BS 7671:2008'Requirements for Electrical Installations' (also known as the IEE Wiring Regulations, 17th Edition). This book is available from any book supplier, including Amazon.


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the building wiring installation and symbols book.

Die-Cut Plug Wiring Diagram Book was created in 1992.

what part of the wiring are you looking for? or get a repair manual,they are in the back of the book.

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Haynes Manuals Contain Wiring Diagrams in the back of the book.

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Consider using the rules set out in the electrical code book. These are safety regulations, to be followed to do a job correctly and safely.

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you have to buy the book...about $80

go to oreillys and buy a chilton book for your vehicle wiring diagram is in it they sell all these books and they are easy to go by

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this is prob. not the most helpful answer but i bought a hynes book from the pepboys near me and it had a wiring diagram in the back. cost around $20

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Log book, under minor fuse box.

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