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You can contact Marlin Firearms company for a copy of the owner's manual, which has a parts breakdown diagram.

Marlin Firearms company puts a downloadable copy of the owners manual on their website : . The parts diagram is :

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Q: Where can you find a breakdown picture of a Marlin 336w 3030?
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Where can you find a breakdown picture of a Marlin 336w 30 30.?

I found the complete breakdown on google, I googled marlin 36, as i have a marlin 36a, and one of the first few choices were for the 336, It will be in the gun digest book of firearms, firearms assembly/disassembly, part IV centerfire rifles. 2nd edition.

What year was a marlin 336w serial number 91059033 made?

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 336W was made in the year 2009.

What does letter w in marlin 336w stand for?


What year was a marlin 336w serial number 23057609 made?


What year was marlin 336w serial number 22106731 made?


What year was a marlin 336w serial number 00023379 made?


How can you get a copy to take apart and put together a marlin 336W?

Contact Marlin via their website and request an owner's manual

What year was Marlin Model 336W 30-30 serial 95033624 made?


What is the difference between a Marlin 336w and a 336c?

The W means walnut. AC is walnut stained hardwood.

What is the recommended round for a marlin model 336w?

they were chambered in 30-30 so, perhaps you should try that first.

How old is a marlin 30 aw 11071856?

All that I can say is that the marlin model 336W/30AW were made during 1983-2007.Most of these were sold thru Wal-Mart.

What is the age of a marlin model 336w 30-30 rifle with serial number 93?

Your serial number provided is not complete.Please provide the whole number on the tang or receiver to receive an answer to your question.

Marlin 336w w stands for?

There are different letters at the end of various Marlins 336 firearms, each of which have different meanings. A 'w' would mean 20 inch PG carbine, birch wood, and two barrel bands.

What is so special about the gold trigger on a gun?

If you are refering to the Marlin lever-action repeating rifles; models with the golden triggger are designated as model 336W with a hardwood stock instead of a walnut stock. Usually these models came with a factory installed scope and padded sling as part of the package. All other 336 models (except for the laminated stock models) have American walnut stocks. See the Marlin website for further information.

What is difference between marlin 336W and 336bl?

The BL (Big Loop) has a laminate stock, a large finger loop (for shooting with gloves), and a slightly shorter stock for shorter length of pull. The W has a walnut stock, which is a little less expensive than some of their other models. Its stock is also a little longer for a longer length of pull. For the same barrel length, the shorter overall length of the BL makes it my choice!

Can you put a silencer on a marlin 336W 30-30?

Yes you can although there are several problems associated with this including mounting the silencer to the barrel so that the hole is properly aligned with the bore, loading ammunition that is sub sonic to avoid the supersonic "crack" when the rifle is fired, making the silencer long enough to capture and release the high velocity gasses (think 12 to 18" beyond the barrel), and not least the paperwork involved with registering the silencer since possesion of an unregistered silencer is a violation of the 1934 Federal Firearms Act and will get you a ten year all expenses paid vacation at the grey bar hotel. Yes, if you want to. But it will be costly. $200 for the Federal Tax, probably in the range of 400-600 for the suppressor and another $100 or so to have the barrel threaded. You may also need the magazine tube shortened to accomodate the additional diameter of the suppressor. I'm guessing this job will run you at least double what the value of the rifle is worth. Also, it will be likely an additional 6 inches in length to the barrel as well as additional weight, on the order of 10oz to 16oz, all on the end of the barrel. It is an interesting question though. I'm curious as to the application of a sound suppressor on such a rifle? Sorry, I meant to say 16 inches in length, not 6.

What kind of distance can you get from a Marlin 336w 30-30?

If you are asking accuracy, then it really depends on the shooter. In the hands of a skilled shooter, you might milk 200 yards plus. The round is considered by most a brush gun and most shots/kills should be held within 100 yards for accuracy and knock down capablity as it isn't a real hard hitter. I mean offense by this as that round has probably killed more deer than any other round in the U.S.AnswerI agree. We're talking about "effective range" here. A rifle of this caliber can probably propel a bullet 2 miles or so. But, if sighted 2 inches high at 100 yards, the bullet will be 4 to 6 inches low, from line of sight, at 200 yards. You can check the exact trajectory numbers in any reloading manual. That means that on a deer 200 yards distant, you don't have to hold high to account for bullet drop, and still be well within the 18 inch "vital area". That's why you might call 200 yards the "effective" or "point-blank" range of the 30:30 cartridge. By comparison, because of higher velocity, a .308 or 30:06, properly sighted, has a "point=blank" range of 300 yards or so. It's good to remember that the bullet can go a LOT farther than these distances if not stopped by a target. Also, the distance a given marksman can hit a target at depends largely on skill and knowledge of the trajectory of the rifle. The 30:06 was the standard cartridge at the Wimbledon 1,000 yard rifle matches for many years. Answersee the hornady bullets with red tips rise 2 or 3 inches at 100 yards then drop 13 inches at 200 yards