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You moght find one at Browning own web site,if not I would try gun,or e-bay.

You will have to contact Browning to find out.

Try Calbelas Shooting Catalog, that's where I got my stock and forarm for my auto 5 light twelve. Why they named it the light 12 is beyond me.

The barrel exchange will be your best bet if you called browning this is the place they would refer you to. They are located in Ga.

It all depends on the model. Use the link below to find the owners manual of the gun that you have. Follow the manual instructions on cleaning. browning Cal .25 pistol baby browning

k You will have to call Browning with the sn to find out.

You will have to contact Browning and request a owner's manual or find a good gunsmith

If you don't have a manual, request one from Browning. If you can't wait, find a good gunmsith

the manuals are available on the Browning site in .pdf format

By the serial number. Go to "date your gun, or re-ask the question here and include the number.

You can download one from the Browning website.

Try the Browning Arms Co web site.

You can get a electronic manual at the link below. To find an original try ebay, they come up from time to time.

If you are looking for an original manual for the gun, try ebay. They come up for auction all the time on ebay. Below is the link for an auto-5manual online that Browning provides.

The Browning known as the Light 12 (actually an Auto-5 Lightweight) was introduced in 1947 and manufactured by FN in Herstal, Belgium. Book value ranges from $650 (100% condition) to $325 (60%) for standard models; with vent rib the range is $950 to $395. Add 10% if new in box.

Without a detailed description of all markings, features, box, papers, accessories, condition, etc.. 100-1000 USD. You will have to call Browning or visit their web site to find out how old. You did not provide the serial number.

Go to Under customer service you can find a manual to view/download.

Browning Auto-5 made in 1972. You can go to to get a downloadable PDF manual.

You can find it in the online owners manual at the link below

Which model? Use the link below to find the manual of your particular model

No way to tell from your description. What is the bbl length? Finish? Wood? Any engraving? Do you have original paperwork (owner's manual, etc.) or box? Check the auction sites to see if you can find one in similar configuration/shape. Your "fair" might be someone else's "good" or "poor".

Not quite sure which model you have. Use the link below to find the owners manual for your gun. Follow the manual for dissassembly.

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