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Where can you find parts for a Browning Light Twelve shotgun?


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Readily available from Browning.

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Try Browning or egunparts

You can start your search at browning themselves,if you have no luck you may want to go to numrich gun parts corp.

Try Midwest Gun Works or

On line, want ad, for sale ad, gunshop, gun show, pawn shop.

Rings, extractor/ejector, firing pin. forearm

The receiver is the largest metal piece of the shotgun, in other words, the frame of the shotgun. All the other parts, such as barrel, stock, bolt, etc- attach to the receiver. With modern firearms, the receiver will be marked with the serial number. Legally, the receiver IS the firearm- all other parts are simply parts.

The shotgun you own is a Savage/Stevens 520 shotgun. It was sold by Sears under a Browning patent. They first started making these shotguns in the 1920s. You can probably find more info by looking into the maker. To find parts, try Numbrich. Their Web site is They have diagrams of the parts and you can find most parts you need there.AnswerThe shotgun is at least 75 years old, because the last year it was made was in 1930. 1915 to 1930. Then came the 620 and 621.

Check the attached link and look up obsolete gun parts with Browning. Your gun was made in 1955

You may want to start with Numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

what are the three main parts of shotgun

Try Browning, gun shops, gun shows, want ads, for sale ads, on line auctions, pawn shops, estate sales, garage sales.

Try Browning, gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops, want ads, for sale ads, egunparts, Shotgun News, estate sales, garage sales, on line auctions.

As far as the steel parts can help ya but im still searching for new wood.

The ISBN of A Romance in Twelve Parts is 9780956560544.

Where can you find parts for your Charles daily shotgun

What is the bbl length? Finish? Wood? Any engraving? Do you have original paperwork (owner's manual, etc.) or box? Check the auction sites to see if you can find one in similar configuration/shape. Go to to date it. Do a web search on "browning shotgun parts".

A Romance in Twelve Parts was created on 2011-05-31.

During the World War II years,when Remington took over production for Browning because the Belgium plant had been over run by the Nazi Germany armed forces.

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This for firearm saftey or somethin..... K the parts of a shotgun shell are the gunpowder primer casing and the bbs or slug

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation have most, if not all of the parts for an Excel shotgun. They are located in West Hurley, NY.

Try egunparts, gun shops, gun shows, want ads, for sale ads, estate sales, garage sales, Shotgun News, on line auctions.

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