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If you're looking for a custom two finger name ring with your name on it, I found this one:

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How to find out if someone is married?

They will have a ring on their left ring finger (finger next to pinky on left hand).

What is your ring finger?

Your ring finger is the finger between your middle finger and your pinky.

What finger do you wear a ring?

On your ring finger, or the finger next to your little finger.

What have a ring but no finger?

A telephone has a ring and no finger. ??

How can you find out if a woman is married?

She's usually wearing a ring on her ring finger! Ask her.

What does have a ring but no finger?

A telephone can ring and it does not have a finger. Also, a church bell can ring without a finger.

What is the finger called between the ring finger and your index finger?

The finger between your ring finger and your pointer finger is your middle finger.

Which finger is the ring finger?

The fourth finger of the left hand is tradtionally the 'ring finger' this the finger next to the pinkie on the left hand. Anyway, the ring finger is the finger between your pinkie and middle finger. If you are going to give someone a ring though, make sure you put it on their left hand, ring finger.

What finger has ring if looking?

the right ring finger....

Is index finger also ring finger?

No, the index finger is the first finger while the ring finger is the third, although some people do wear rings on it as well as the ring finger. Answer: The index finger is the "pointer" finger, the one next to your thumb. The "ring" finger is two over, next to your pinky. Of course, you can wear a ring on whichever finger it fits on.

What is your finger called next to the small finger small finger?

its your ring finger. they call it that cause when you get married or engaged you would put the ring on your left ring finger

Is the ring finger lateral to the index finger?

is the index finger lateral to the ring fingers

On what finger do you wear an abstinence ring?

The common custom is to wear an abstinence ring on the ring finger of the left hand although some seem to wear on the ring finger of the right hand. The ring finger is the fourth digit of the human hand, located between the middle finger and the little finger. Commonly, the ring finger of the left hand is reserved for engagement rings and marriage bands, thus, the abstinence ring is differentiated from these by symbols and markings. It is also placed on this finger in order to ward off people looking for a good time; seeing the ring they assume you are married and may perhaps move on to find another person.

If you wear a wedding ring and engagement ring on the same finger where can the eternity ring go?

Engagement on the right hand ring finger, and then Wedding and Eternity on your left hand ring finger. You can also put the eternity ring on your right hand ring finger.

Where to put promise ring?

You put it on your ring finger. That is the finger that the wedding ring goes on.

Can you wear any ring on your ring finger?

you can but a wedding ring is really the only ring that's supposed to be worn on your left finger... on your right ring finger it is fine though

How do you find out if someone is still married?

check if that person have a ring on the ring finger, ask the how is your spouse doing

What finger do you wear your purity ring on?

On the left hand, index finger. It's not the index finger you wear it on. Left hand, ring finger. The finger that you would wear a wedding ring on.

Which hand for the ring finger is the guys?

The fourth finger is used for wedding and engagement rings. If a ring is on the left ring finger, it signifies marriage, while the right ring finger symbolizes engagement.

How can you find out free of charge if a person is married?

see if there is a ring on their finger

Which hand does the wedding ring go on a woman?

The wedding ring goes on the ring finger on the left hand. The ring finger is the fourth finger.

Which finger does a promise ring go on?

The ring finger of the left hand.

Which finger does a mens promise ring go on?

the left ring finger.

What finger does a Mason wear their Mason ring?

Left ring finger

What finger does itachi wear his ring?

Right hand, ring finger.