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Where can you find a firing pin for your Stevens 410?


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Related Questions I have new firing pins for that model.

You can find a replacement firing pin for a Stevens model 87D 22 cal rifle at a gun dealership. You can also find it by contacting the manufacturer.

I am looking for a firing pin for a Crescent Firearm I believe the serial # is 8894

You can find a firing pin for the ranger at Numerick Gun Parts Corporation.

The one designed and made by the manufacturer

Remove the firing pin from the rear and the locking bolt will side out the side of the bolt

Numrich gun parts Item #160010 B $1.65

A firing pin that is mounted on/in a hammer

The Stevens 77C generally sells for $75-$150 depending on condition. We carry firing pins for this model (#77-77).

It's retained by a crosspin in the breech block.

I would try Numrich gun parts corp.they should be able to help you.

The breech block has to be bored out for a bushing. Then the block is threaded. I screw in a hardened steel bushing with a hole in it for a centerfire firing pin. The bushing and the firing pin have to be custom made as I know of no supply of such bushings.

There were two types of firing pin used on that model. Would need to see the bolt, but we have the pin.

Can anyone help me find a firing pin for an American Eagle brand 410 shotgun model 70H 3" magnum? Please I have looked for a couple of years now and no success yet. Thanks, Fred

try or a gun smith could make you one

It looks like it would, but you won't know unless you try.

What should Firing pin protrusion measure?

Like it says, the firing pin rotates as the action cycles.

By action of the hammer striking the firing pin, forcing it into the primer.

Believe that is a Marlin 101. Contact Numrich at their website- gunpartscorp. They list that firing pin for $5 plus shipping,

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