Where can you find a flute to make any Pokemon GO to sleep?

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you get it in the tower where you fight the marowak, after u get to the top and talk the the old man and he will take you to his house and will talk a little and gives you a pokeflute. it is located in lavender town
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How do you find Azure Flute in Pokemon Pearl?

get 8badges and go to battle tower, get a 50win streak and done, u get zure flute en 5rare candys get action replay and it is called arceus or get mystery gift by gowing to jubilive city tv staion 3rd floor and talking to the man [in the bottom room] the first two words you say are everyone and ha ( Full Answer )

How do you find azure flute in Pokemon Diamond?

First go to Jubilife City and go to the TV station and go in. Next walk up to the 3rd floor and talk to the man that is standing next to the girl. He will then ask you what is your opinion for TV, then press yes. Then press on the first rectangle and go to 'PEOPLE' and press EVERYONE, then press on ( Full Answer )

Where do you find this flute to wake the sleeping Pokemon?

It depends what version you are playing. . For blue and yellow, and possibly green red and all those colours, you find it when you are making your way through the multi floored poke cemetary.. For gold, you give the stolen part found in the water gym to the electric building.

How can you make your tamagotchi go to sleep?

Fast forward the time to a reasonable sleeping time(i.e. 1 am 12 am 3 am) do this by going to the clock i and pressing c + a and using a to toggle between dates and times and b to select.

How do you go to sleep on Pokemon pearl?

u don't really though you can rest at some people's houses for e.g on the way to stark mountain there is an old lady in her house talk to her and she will offer for u to take a rest say yes and 5 seconds later you are awake she will ask again say no because if you keep saying yes you wont ben goin a ( Full Answer )

What move makes a Pokemon GO to sleep?

There are actually many types of Pokémon that can put others to sleep, not to mention a variety of movesets that have the same effect. These are moves that cause Pokémon to fall asleep- Sing Dark Void Grasswhistle Hypnosis Lovely Kiss Sleep Powder Spore Yawn As I said, a ( Full Answer )

What gas makes you go to sleep?

There are many gases that would cause a human being to lose consciousness if he inhaled one of them ... even some after which he would never again regain it. None of those scenarios would involve true "sleep". Carbon monoxide, although colorless, odorless, and tasteless, produces unconsciousn ( Full Answer )

Pokemon firered where to find poke flute?

after getting the silph scope from the rocket game corner go to lavendar town and go into Pokemon tower go through here beat some rockets and save mr fuji he will give you the poke flute. Mr Fugi

Where can you find the poke flute in Pokemon Crystal?

The flute doesn't exist in the Crystal version. However, you can find a program for your radio when you update it when the generator is fixed. After it is fixed, go to the radio tower located in Lavender (Not the Goldenrod one) and speak to a man inside. He will upgrade your Pokégear to let you l ( Full Answer )

Where do you find the Pokemon flute on blue version?

Head to Pokémon Tower, in Lavender town, by going through the tunnel from Cerulean. Once you have the Silph Scope, you can fight your way up to the top, defeat Cubone's mother and then rescue Mr. Fuji from Team Rocket. He'll take you to his house and give you the PokéFlute.

How do you make a baby go to sleep?

you have to make sure they are hungry . so then you have to feed them something warm but a liquid. Then they start to feel sleepy and then they slowly fall asleep

Does tamarind make you go to sleep?

it is in many caribbean wives' tales that it will put parents to sleep so that kids can go on their dates. I tried it myself, and it works for me. I traded it for Valerian root capsules to help me sleep. Try it. the best answer is if it works for you, then it works.

How to make my foot go to sleep?

You can sit in a chair, (or toilet, either works (: ) lean down and look at the ground with your butt still on the chair and, prefferably, your legs folded under the chair. that will make it go faster. you can bring something to do (DS, PSP, book, or something you could put on the ground to entertai ( Full Answer )

Where to find a poke flute in Pokemon silver in game bo?

all ya have to do is go to the power plant near cerulean to the right. Talk to the man standing in front of the generator. Leave after the man in green tells you to help find the shady character in cerulean. Go inside misty's gym and a team rocket member will run by. After he leaves go t ( Full Answer )

Where do you find the code for the azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

the code for the azure flute is found on the internet. you type it into the action replay then follow the instructions the internet has given u when you enter the game, then u walk in2 a mart 2 c a man standing at the counter in a green suit. he will give you the flute.

How do you make a bunny go to sleep?

if its a baby newborn bunny hold her/his stomach and turn her/his stomach over and he/she will close his/her eyes and mabe snore. Hope that helped ♥♥♥

Where do you find the poke flute in Pokemon heartgold?

Because this is 3 years after Gold, Silver, and Crystal, you can't. Instead, you go to the GoldenRod Radio Tower and go to the 3rd lady behind the counter, closest to the right. Anwser all the questions, and you will get a pokegear radio add on. Now go to Snorlax, then go on your pokegear radio, and ( Full Answer )

Where to find poke flute in Pokemon soulsilver?

it doesnt actually exist if youre trying to wake up the snorlax i recommend moving the tuning dot on the radio pokegear as far up as it wil go that should wake him up

What will make you go sleep?

Smelling jasmine makes a person go off to sleep. Even counting backwards from 500, watching boring movies, reading, weariness makes a person go to sleep. If that doesn't work then simply shut your eyes and you will feel sleepy after sometime. Have you tried melatonin? It is a chemical that your bod ( Full Answer )

Where do you find a poke flute on Pokemon SoulSilver?

What you do is, tune your pokegear radio to the very top in kanto it will play the pokeflute noise but be ready cuz the snorlax that i know you are trying to move is level 50 good luck ^_^

Where do you find pokemon flute in soul silver?

Well.. in order to obtain it, you have to talk to the Manager in the Kanto Power Plant and then head inside the Cerulean Gym and then a Team Rocket Grunt will rush out. Head North to the Nugget Bridge and battle him. Head back inside the Cerulean City and go to the top-left area of the pool. You'll ( Full Answer )

Where to find the azure flute in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't get an azure flute in heartgold you have to get it by the eveny go to youtube and type in arceus event code heartgold or soul silver than scroll down or if it's right in front of you click on it than the code will be in the description

How do you find an Azure Flute in Pokemon Platinum?

if you have completed the national pokedex go to Canalave city in diamond pearl and in platnum.go to the blue store.there be will be a guy in a green suit waiting for you he will give you the azure flute.

What Pokemon attacks make Pokemon sleep?

Dark Void- foe:1(both in a double battle.) Grass Whistle- foe:1 Hypnosis foe:1 Lovely Kiss- foe:1 Secret Power(Secret Power has a 30% chance to cause sleep when used in tall grass. Power:70) Sing- foe:1 Sleep Powder- foe:1 Rest(The user falls asleep for 2 turns but also fully restores HP and status. ( Full Answer )

How do you make your Pokemon GO to sleep in Pokemon black and white?

You need the C gear early in the game,then when you get the game sync, which may be undergoing miantenance, you choose any Pokemon. They will go to sleep and you have access to the dream world for one hour exact every day. Try to find great stuff there, when you get a Pokemon there go on the wireles ( Full Answer )

Where to find the azure flute on Pokemon platinum version?

you find the azure flute after you complete the national pokedex. after completing the national pokedex go to the pokemart in canalave city and talk to the guy in the green suit and he will give it to you. in case you didnt know when you get the azure flute go to spear pillar and sound it. the sound ( Full Answer )

Where do you find Pokemon flute in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Get the Sliph Scope from the Rocket Game Corner Basement in Celadon City and then go back to Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. Fight your way through all Channelers, all of who use Gastlys and Haunters, so make sure you have something that knows attacks other than fighting and normal, since they can't ( Full Answer )

How can you make a woman go to sleep?

The tone of the question isn't entirely clear. If you are talking about forcing a woman to sleep who does not wish to sleep, then you DON'T EVER do that. Women are adults and can decide when and if they wish to sleep. If you are talking about helping a woman to sleep who wants to sleep and is having ( Full Answer )

How do you make a hamster to go to sleep?

To make your hamster go to sleep If it is a baby you can hold it and just let the head to come out and hold it and rub it head slowly for 30min or more or less (must be more then 15min)

Where can you find a white flute in Pokemon diamond?

Go south of veilstone city onto route 214. Keep on going south until you reach a place called "Valor Lakefront". On the left side of the stairs is a small house. Inside, there is a lady who will give you the flute.