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Try the AAMC website. "The AAMC represents the 125 accredited M.D.-granting U.S. medical schools and the 17 accredited Canadian medical schools."

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

American Medical Association - Medical School resources.

2010-02-26 19:35:53
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Q: Where can you find a list of accredited medical schools?
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There are more than 200 schools in the US that offer American Veterinary Medical Assoc. accredited veterinary technology programs. There are, of course, programs that are not AVMA accredited, however they will not meet the requirements for being credentialed as a veterinary technician so selecting from the list of AVMA accredited programs is important. To find an up to date list of AVMA accredited programs, go to the AVMA website and look under "education".

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I would go to my internet search engine and enter different keywords about medical schools until I found what I wanted. Or you might go to a public library, I'm sure they have reference books on ALL the medical schools.

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