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Where can you find a list of items that should not be put into a garbage disposal?

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Hi Larry

I am assuming you are talking about a garburator.

You don't really need a list. Things like potato, carrot peelings, small pieces off your dinner plate (not bones) coffee grounds, tea bags are all things your garbage disposal will take. This old stand-by is right on ... "When it doubt, throw it out."

AnswerWell, you arent supposed to put coffee grounds in the disposer either. AnswerAvoid putting egg Shells, corn husk, asparagus, and other fibrous fruits and vegetables. AnswerDon't put hamburger or bacon grease or eggshells or potato skins either! Answerpotato peels or large amounts of potatos should not be put into the garbage disposal. I know this from first hand experience. AnswerConsider running ice cubes in the unit as a means of 'cleaning' the unit. The hard ice chips help knock down the scum layers that build up below the seal, and in the grinder wheel. AnswerToo much of anything is not good. Small amounts of potatoe peels might be okay, but if you put alot, you're asking for a repair bill.

This appliance diverts a lot of what could be composted to the sewer system. And you're paying for water to wash it down the drain. Some cities have banned these in new construction. As little as possible is a good list.

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