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Where can you find a list of junior hockey team tryouts in one place?


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2009-03-03 18:39:52
2009-03-03 18:39:52

A good place to start is: Some leagues have compiled lists, and others require you to look into team sites. EDIT: Go to the webpage of the league you want to play in and there should be a link somewhere that gives the date and place of the tryouts for each team. Do not go to a tryout that is supposed to be for multiple teams from the same league. These tryouts really serve no purpose other than making money for the team. Often times, Jr A teams will invite Jr B coaches to their tryouts to pick up any kids that weren't quite good enough for the Jr A team. That is more likely a legitimat tryout.


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You will have to go to tryouts. You can find out more about these tryouts on the groups webpage.

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You will have to find out when tryouts are for the company.

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You have to find out when they are having tryouts.

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I suggest playing Junior Tier 1 or 2 hockey in the US system or Tier 2 in the Canadian system. Junior Tier 3 in the US is a long shot and most kids that are good enough out of high school to play D3 will chase D1 meaning they will play Junior Tier 1 or 2 in the US or Junior Tier 2 in Canada. Kids straight out of High School or AAA will find it very diificult to make even the weakest teams in D3.

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You can usally find a hockey mask anywhere eguipment is sold.

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