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Q: Where can you find a picture of the dress Amanda Seyfried wore during the last credits of mamma mia?
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What song is playing during the ending credits of Dear John?

The song that plays during the ending credits of Dear John is called "Paper Weight," and it is by Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin. After that song plays, the song "Little House" by Amanda Seyfried is played.

What song was playing during the 2010 mtv movie awards when Amanda Seyfried won the award for best scared as st award?

Charmer by Kings Of Leon

Who sang the song It's Who You Are during the ending credits of the movie Secretariat?

AJ Michalka!!!! "It's Who You Are" Written by Randall Wallace Performed by Amanda Michalka (as AJ Michalka)

Was White Christmas a black and white movie?

This is incorrect. It was the first motion picture filmed in VistaVision and if you watch the movie it very clearly shows that it was filmed in Technicolor during the opening credits.

What songs play during the credits of Step Up 2?

The song that is played during the credits of the movie Step Up 2 is "Low" by Flo Rida. They play this song at the end of the movie when the credits are rolling.

What songs are played during the Queen of the damned credits?

The song that is played during the ending credits for Queen of the Damned is 'Not Meant For Me.' It is performed by Jonathon Davis.

Were any members of ABBA in mamma mia?

Yes, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus both have brief cameos in the film version of Mamma Mia. Andersson appears as the piano player on the dock during "Dancing Queen". Ulvaeus appears in a toga at the end of the film during "Waterloo". Andersson also plays keyboards on the soundtrack, including for Amanda Seyfried's solo of "Thank You For the Music" over the end credits. Three other original Abba session musicians (guitarist Lesse Wellander, bassist Rutger Gunnarsson, and drummer Per Lindvall) also play on the sountrack. Of course Andersson and Ulveaus are producers and composers for both the film and the stage play.

Who sings song during credits of Chipwrecked?

The song which is played during the credits of Alvin and the Chipmunks - Chipwrecked is: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem.

Who sings you spin me round on the hangover credits?

Flo Rida sings "Right Round" during the credits.

What is the song from coraline that plays during the end credits called?

The song is actually called "End Credits"

What was the song played during the end credits of the movie American Mary?

What was the song planyed in American mary for the credits

What song plays during the end credits of WKRP in Cincinnati?

wkrp in Cincinnati end credits by Jim Ellis

When is safe and sound played during the hunger games?

During the Movie it will play in the Credits since "Safe And Sound" is not a good part to play in the movie. Stay For the Credits after the movie :)

I give credits where credits are due I am always moving but I never go anywhere you can see me during the day but not at night what am I?


What piano song played during closing credits of movie casino?

It's an excerpt from "Matthaus Passion" by Johann Sebastian Bach. (It is also played during the opening credits of the film.)

How many credits hours do you need to graduate pre-med school?

Well it's good to start off with 15 credits during your first semester and lessen it to 12 during spring. You can probably graduate roughly with 216 credits, which is enough for med school.

Song playing during credits of PS I Love You?

The song during the opening credits is called "Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken" by a band called Camera Obscura. The end credits has the song "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" by Flogging Molly. Not sure if there's a second song played on the ending credits; I don't actually own the movie.

What is the song playing during the opening credits then again during ending credits of Kick Ass?

Its called Kick Ass from the movie soundtrack and its by Mika and Redone During the opening credits the song played is Stand Up by Prodigy. for the end credits I copied and pasted this from IMDB after confirming it to be true: Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless: Red Mist turns around and and says: Wait until they get a load of me! and end credits starts Kick-Ass - MIKA: Second song playing in the end credits

What occupation did Amanda Tapping have?

Amanda Tapping is an actress and also has touched on some directing. She has also produced some work as well during her lifetime.

In Twilight when do they play Leave out all the rest?

During the credits

In The Simpsons Movie what does Maggie say during the credits?


Where can I find the song that plays during the credits of the sandlot?


What is the song played during the closing credits of HBO'S Leftovers episode 1?

I could be wrong, but I believe the song from the credits is "Are you Satisfied" from Reignwolf.

What song plays during the credits at the end of rocknrolla?

The song that is first played in the closing credits for the film is "I'm a Man" by the group Black Strobe.

What was the last song played during the end credits of the movie young adult?

Closing Credits of Young Adult by Role Kent. Not on the soundtrack, but on youtube