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Locating a plastic surgeon that you can trust is very important. Many

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Q: Where can you find a qualified cosmetic surgeon to perform your nose job?
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Where can I find more information on cosmetic surgeons?

You definetly want to find a qualified cosmetic surgeon that has a good reputation. I would find practices in your area and then look the doctor up on rate my doctor websites. Also ask for references and before and after shots.

How can a person tell if their surgeon is a board certified cosmetic surgeon?

To find out if your surgeon is a board certified cosmetic surgeon it is necessary to contact the Board of Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery in the country they practice. The Board will be able to send out a list of certified surgeons.

What is the best way to find a good surgeon to perform some cosmetic surgery?

The best way to find a good surgeon for cosmetic surgery is to do your own research. The internet is a wonderful tool in which you can find ratings on cosmetic surgeons in your area, possible reviews, stories (good or bad) information on pricing, ect. You may also be able to find examples of the surgeons work in the form of before and after photos online.

How can you find more information about cosmetic rhinoplasty?

One should go to their doctor who can recommend a cosmetic surgeon if they believe the surgery will be safe. This surgeon can give you plenty of advice on the type of procedure it is and whether it is correct for you.

Where can I find information on cosmetic facelift?

A person can find more information on a cosmetic facelift from a plastic surgeon and/or their doctor. He/she should be able to give you all the information you need on the subject.

Where can I find a board certified physican in Denver who is qualified to perform plastic surgery?

It is best to check out the American Society of Platic Surgeons. The surgeons have more than six years training and are uniquely qualified to guarantee you get the best plastic surgeon in your area.

Where can one go to find information on eyelid plastic surgery?

"Eyelid plastic surgery must be done by a cosmetic surgeon. You can go to a cosmetic surgery center in person to ask about it, or you can find out about it online."

Where is it possible to find a surgeon to perform a rhinoplasty?

It is possible to find a surgeon to perform a rhinoplasty at many hospitals, plastic surgery clinics and medical centers across the United States, Canada and Europe. One could look in the Yellow Pages to find a surgeon in the area of their choice.

Where can one get a cosmetic nose surgery?

There are a wide variety of practices at which someone could find a surgeon who performs cosmetic nose surgery. To find a surgeon near you, search through your local phone book or visit the web domain "PlasticSurgery." This site contains a directory through which individuals can search for surgeons near their homes.

Where can I find qualified cosmetic dentists.?

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has a search available for cosmetic dentists. They have a North American search for Canada and the United states and a world wide search. There is a directory of cosmetic dentists at Dental Find. They also have a lot of before and after shots of people who have had cosmetic dentistry done. I just had cosmetic dental surgery done in Costa Rica! Amazing work and amazing prices.

How do you find the best plastic surgeon in Vernon Hills Illinois?

I went to Ritacca Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center. I had a great experience!

How is the best heart surgeon of Pakistan?

the question should be Who is the best Heart surgeon in Pakistan.The best way is find the properly qualified and foreign trained cardiac surgeon with international achievements. In my opinion ,I know PROF DR MAZHAR UR REHMAN,CARDIOTHORACIC SURGEON who is based in Lahore.He is fully British qualified and trained cardiac and thoracic surgeon who has performed record breaking heart surgeries in Pakistan. from a Patient

Where can one find a surgeon who will remove breast implants?

If someone is concerned about their breast implant and wants them removed then they would probably be do best to go back to the surgeon who put them in. If that surgeon is not available then checking directories for cosmetic surgeons in the area is the next best thing.

How do I find the most qualified surgeon to repair my inguinal hernia in Billings MT?

I'd recommend checking the yellow pages.

How To Find A Good Surgeon For Your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure?

If you are thinking about having any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure done, you need to find a competent cosmetic surgeon. The best way to find a good plastic surgeon is to do research. Find A Plastic Surgeon You Feel Comfortable With When you are comparing plastic surgeons, you should choose one that you feel comfortable with. Make appointments to meet with the doctors in person and get to know them. Find out what they are about. Choosing a plastic surgeon is a big decision, so take your time when you are comparing doctors. Find An Experienced, Educated Plastic Surgeon You should choose a plastic surgeon that has a lot of experience performing the kind of procedure that you want to get done. When you interview doctors, find out how what kind of background and experience they have before you choose one for your cosmetic surgery needs. You should only hire a plastic surgeon that is board-certified. Review Photos Before You Choose A Doctor You can visit plastic surgeon websites online to learn more about them. Many plastic surgeons post videos and photos of their work on their websites. You can also visit the plastic surgeons in person to view photos. If you are not satisfied with the photos you are presented with, you should definitely find a new plastic surgeon. Ask Questions Before you choose a plastic surgeon, you should ask questions about the cosmetic surgery procedure you want to have done. Find out where the operation will be performed. Inquire about the fees, and find out what risks are associated with the procedure. Ask the doctors what type of anesthesia will be used for the procedure. Jot down any questions you have before you meet with the doctors. Check to see if the doctors offer financing, payments plans, or lay-a-way plans. If you follow these tips, you will have an easier time selecting a good plastic surgeon that suits your needs.

Why is cosmetic surgery so popular?

Cosmetic surgery is available to the masses. It is very easy to find a cosmetic surgeon or clinic and its no big deal to have cosmetic surgery anymore. It has become a status symbol and people are proud to tell anyone who will listen that they have had something done. There is also pressur ein the media that we must look good and this is further fuelling demand for cosmetic surgery.

Where might one find a qualified breast enlargement surgeon in New York?

There are many sites where plastic surgeons advertise their skills and their practice. If one wanted to find a qualified breast enlargement surgeon in New York, one can go to Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon. One can also look up plastic surgeons by going to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons site.

Need to find a doctor to perform an adult circumcision in Connecticut?

You can either contact a urologist or a general surgeon.

How to find a good cosmetic surgery place?

Your cosmetic surgeon, first of all, should be a licensed physician, holding a license from the state to practice medicine. Your cosmetic surgeon should have a title that includes either "M.D." or "D.O", as both of these titles indicate a trained physician. You should also research any malpractice suits that were taken out against your surgeon, and what the resolution of those cases were. Bear in mind that some malpractice suits are frivolous, but they can be a good indicator of the skill level of your physician.

How do you find a reputable cosmetic surgeon?

You could start with an internet search and put together a list. Then, you should check out any references they provide as well as their reputation.

Where are nationwide chains that perform cosmetic dental surgeries?

You can find nation wide chains that offer dental cosmetic procedures on the following website: They have a whole lot of reviews on dentists.

How do you find the best cosmetic surgeon in India?

Questions asking for the best of anything generally result in an advertisement which is not permitted here. In all of India, it would be surprising to hear that there is one best cosmetic surgeon. Even cosmetic surgeons have their areas of specialty. What we can suggest is that you talk to friends that have had such surgery to get their recommendations. Talk to your medical physician. Make sure whoever you choose has been board certified. Published lists might be a good start.

Where can I find a board certified plastic surgery doctor in Arizona?

Dr. Robert Meger, MD Plastic is a good surgeon and Cosmetic surgeon. Contact him at 140, 3333 East Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ‎ - (602) 957-6000‎

How much would it cost to have ear surgery in Brazil?

When looking to find a cosmetic surgeon that will perform ear surgery some information on the internet suggests that it is cheaper to have ear surgery in Brazil. To get a price for the ear surgery the websites all ask the clients to email for specific ear surgery pricing.

Where might one find information about cosmetic surgery in the UK?

The best place to find information about cosmetic surgery in the United Kingdom is on the National Health Service's official website. The site offers tips on choosing a surgeon and making a complaint after a poor surgery. It also offers information about popular procedures.