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You cannot catch a slowpoke,slowbro or slowking on diamond version. You can on Pokemon pearl version though.

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Where do you catch misdreaveus in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant find misdreaveus in diamond in the wild. misdreaveus is in the wild in Pokemon pearl.

Where can you find a wild toxiroak in Pokemon diamond?

You can not find wild toxicroak anywhere

Where can you find wild shelidons?

You can't find a wild shieldon in Pokemon diamond or pearl.

Where to find a tagela in Pokemon Diamond?

It's not a wild Pokemon in diamond. You have to transfer it from a GBA game.

Where do you find tangla in Pokemon Diamond?

It is not found in the wild in Diamond; you must trade it.

AR code in Pokemon Pearl for King's Rock?

Well, without AR, you can find one on a wild hariyama or slowbro.

Where to find wild Pokemon that are lv50 in Pokemon diamond?

You can find high 40 pokemon at the end of victory road

How do you find kings rock?

A King's Rock can be found in Celestic Town while using the Dowsing Machine. (This only applies to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum) You can also find Poliwhirl, Slowbro, and Hariyama holding a King's Rock in the wild.

Where do you find a piplup in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't find it in the wild. You can only get it from Proffesser Rowan as your first pokemon.

Where do you catch a wild turtwig on Pokemon diamond?

It is not possible to catch a wild Turtwig on Pokemon Diamond. It is generally impossible to find and catch Starter Pokemon in the wild. This was a mechanic designed to encourage player interaction for trading.

Where do you find a Pikachu in diamond?

To find a Pikachu in Pokemon Diamond, go to the Pokemon Mansion. Go to the Trophy Garden. At random, a wild Pikachu will appear.

Can you meet a wild legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

On Diamond you can find Dialga and on Pearl, Palkia. But you can also find Heatran and Girantina. [Whatever.] Hope this answerd your Q. EDIT- You can find Mesprit, Uxie, and Alzef in wild encounters, and Cresselia in a wild encounter.

Where do you find chimecho in pokemon diamond?

Chimeco is a fourth generation Pokemon. In the game Pokemon Diamond it can be found in the wild in Sendoff Springs and at Mt. Coronet.

Where to find magmar in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't find wild Magmars, BUT if you have Pokemon Leaf green in your D.S, then you can rarely find Magby's!

Pokemon Diamond where to find shiny Pokemon?

this is a 1 1n 9000 chance, but any wild Pokemon can be shiny. =)

Where do you find a pipulp on Pokemon diamond that is wild?

At the beginning Prof Rowan has a suitcase with a wild pipulp he captured. You can get it!

Where to get a wild turtwigin Pokemon diamond?

its turtwig and u cant find a wild one but u can get it in GTS

Where do you find a wild oddish in Pokemon diamond?

you can only trade at GTA but you cannot catch a wild one

In diamond where can you find Pokemon 46?

You cannot find Pokemon 46 in the wild you will have to evolve a female burmy at lv.20.

Where to find Mew in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Mew cannot be caught in the wild in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You need the action replay code.

Where to find arcanine in Pokemon diamond?

no such thing as a wild arcanine, so you will have to migate.

Were to find Gengar on Pokemon diamond version?

You can't find gengar in the wild, you have to get a haunter and trade it.

Pokemon Diamond What is the poke radar?

it is a machine that can help u find Pokemon in the wild lik bagon in Pokemon platnium

Were to find Pokemon 46 in diamond?

You cannot find this Pokemon in the wild, you have to evolve a female burmy at lv.20. Or you can try the GTS.

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