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The stove in both Paula Deen's house and the makeover kitchen come from England. They are manufactured by Aga. You can see all their products at "" . You can order these products from Home Depot Expo. Bring plenty of cash, the ranges start at $5,000. Actually, only the stove used in Paula's "All-Star Kitchen Makeover" was from AGA. The one in her house is from a french company, La Cornue. The AGA ranges are a close approximation of the La Cornue and much more affordable. If you want to see a La Cornue stove up close go to your local Williams-Sonoma, they have recently started importing them. A word of caution, however, BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK! While the AGA is a hefty $5000, the La Cornue similar to the one that Paula has starts at a whopping $24,000. If it helps anyone out there, we installed a La Cornue in our home a couple of years before we sold; its presence in the kitchen tacked on another $50,000 onto the home.

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Q: Where can you find a source for a cast iron range like Paula Deen uses in her kitchen and the one she put in the kitchen on The All-Star Kitchen Makeover Show?
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