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Try on They list stocks for the Savage Model 99. I have bought several from this sight for my Model 99 Collection.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-13 19:36:10
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Q: Where can you find a stock and forearm for a Savage Model 99 F?
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Where can you find correct parts for the Savage Stevens Model 311 with a composite stock and forearm?

We maintain a good inventory of parts for the Stevens 311, including replacement wood.

Where can you find a stock for a revelation model 300F shotgun?

It a Savage model 30H

Where can you find a stock for a savage-stevens model 620 16 gage shotgun?

Where could you find a stock for my 1957 Savage Arms Model 19?

Try doing a web search on "replacement stocks".

Where can i find a Replacement stock for a revelation side by side shotgun?

Which Model. It could be a Mossberg, Savage, Marlin, Hi-Std or Colt. You have to state the model of the Revelation.

How do find the serial number on a early sixtys model 22 rifle browning it loads through the stock?

Check the receiver, barrel, under the forearm

A where can I find a butt stock for a 22 Stevens Savage model 1914 pump?

Try this link:

Where can can you find a replacement stock for Sears and Roebuck 20 gauge model 101.10041?

That is basically a Savage Model 94 as made for Sears. Stocks are widely available from internet sources.

Where can you find a synthetic stock for a savage model 69 rxl series e shotgun?

I'm looking for one too... until then at least I have a manual for the Savage 69-RXL if you need one.

Where can you find a wood stock and forarm for Remington 7400?

usually the stock is behind and the forearm is in front of the receiver.

Were can i find a savage jc penny pump shotgun model 6670-d stock?

I have one in excellent condition. I got it from my father. Not sure when he bought it.

Where can you find information about a 22 caliber Sears Robuck Ranger 102.35 pump rifle?

The rifle you have was made by savage .Not much info out there on them but it is a model 29 savage if the stock is checkerd And a model 25 if not. I have one in my shop at this time that I'm working on They are a nice little gun . Joe

Where can you find a butt stock for a Revelation Model 350 12 gauge?

Should be a single-shot made by Savage/Stevens. We have new reproduction stocks.

Where can you find a forearm and stock for a Remington model 742 rifle?

Check on ebay. You will find plenty of synthetic options and occasionly some wood sets. Most 7400 forearms and stocks will fit 742 models.

Can you find a stock for a savage 330 overunder 20 gauge?


Where can you find a larger clips for a 22 Lr savage model 62?

I do not think that they make larger clips for the Savage model 62.I know for certain that they do not make larger clips for the Savage model 64.

How do you determine the age of an Ithaca firearm?

Remove the forearm stock by pulling from the front down(It pulls hard). On the underside of the forearm stock is your serial number. Go to; Diamond Gun Smithing on the internet and look up your serial number. If you find models; click on each model until your serial nuber appears. Example; Serial number 263xxx=Flues model and made in 1915. Good luck and keep that really super shotgun

Where can you find information about a 410 JC Higgins Model 101.750?

Made by Savage/Stevens and is basically the same as the Savage Springfield Model 18.

Where to find retails of Savage 22 Model 6 DL?

your savage model 6 was made from 1938-1945 with a total production of 45,500.

How can you find the age of a Savage model 7A?

How do I get in touch with Savage Arms Co. and not this site? Bruce

Where can you find an owners manual for a Savage Westpoint model 949 series A?

on line because my friend has a savage series a

Where can you find a stock and forearm for your model 24 Remington?

There is a part supplier list on the Remington Society of America, check that page one of the best is but there's a lot more listed on that page.

Where can you find a stock and forearm for a Browning16 gauge auto?

Try Mid West Gun Works.

When was the Savage model 710 manufactured and what is the value and are there any quality issues with this model in 30-06?

You will have to call Savage with the sn to find out; 100-400; no

Where to get a 22 410 over and under?

Savage Model 42 is the only one currently in production. Otherwise you would have to find someone that still has others in stock or used, such as Rossi or Stevens.