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I have one that I'm trying to sell but its all BLACK not camo =(

The good part is I can include a 3-9x50 scope w/ rings.

Message if interested so I can go into further detail w/ scope and gun.


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Q: Where can you find a utg l96 airsoft sniper rifle digital camo with scope and scope ring?
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How do you be an airsoft sniper?

Buy a decent sniper rifle (gas or spring) a scope if it doesn't come with one and then practice.

Can you attach a real sniper scope to a airsoft sniper?

Yes of course

Can you attach a real sniper scope to a airsoft sniper scope?

no, in fact there is no such scope where you can attach another on it, plus it would look stupid

Can you put any scope mount on any airsoft sniper?


Will a 3-9x40 scope work on a VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle?

If both pieces have the correct 20mm weaver rail, yes it will mount fine.

Do all airsoft scopes fit on airsoft sniper rifles?

No it depends, you need to check the rail size of your rifle, then the sort of rail that the scope can attach to. These are some standard airsoft scopes, check your gun rail size first though!

Mounting a airsoft scope on 223?

Mounting an airsoft scope on an actual rifle would actually quite ruin it. Don't do it, because an airsoft scope is notdesigned to take the shock that an actual gun would give it.

Can the M324 airsoft rifle be equiped with any scope?

if the top of the airsoft gun is spiked back a little and it is as big as a normal scope many you would be able to find a scope for it?????

Where can you find a scope and bipod for your L96 airsoft rifle?

Have you gone to the maker's website or tried an internet search on airsoft?

In mw2 can you get an ACOG Scope on a Sniper Rifle?

On the XBOX 360, yes.

What is the best scope for a sniper rifle .308 win?

The best you can afford.

Does a Swiss Arms 4x32 rifle scope fit well on an airsoft UTG type 96 shadow ops sniper rifle If not what scope do you recommend?

the scope is not what you want to worry about, it is the scope mounting rings find rings that will fit to your toy and the scope will mount right on , do not expect the toy to shoot dead on because it is a toy not a real weapon . don't shoot your eye out or anyone Else's eye.