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Yanma can sometimes be found on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in the Great Marsh in Pastoria City.

You could also catch and evolve a yanma from HeartGold or SoulSilver (found on Route 35 during a swarm) and trade it over to your Pokemon Diamond version. Yanma evolves once it learns AncientPower.

You can obtain yanma on Firered or Leafgreen version in Ruin valley and migrate it over to your Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum version have it learn AncientPower...and there you have it, you're very own yanmega.

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No, only in diamond,pearl and platinum Pokemon games can evolve yanma to yanmega.

get a yanma and teach it ancient power when it levels up it will evolve You can find Yanma in area 3 of the Great Marsh, it evolves at level 33, but it needs to know ancientpower i believe, and Yanmega does not EVOLVE

Yanmega is not known to evolve into another Pokemon.

I take it your asking about Yanmega. Yanmega is a Bug and Flying type Pokemon.

It depends on what generation. There are a lot. >.< Just kidding. Diamond and Pearl, right? So... By leveling up Ariados, Wurmple, Ninjask, Kricketot, Burmy, Wormadam, Mothim, Combee, Skorupi, Drapion, Yanmega By breeding If the father was.... Paras Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega Ledyba Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega Venonat Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega Nincada Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega Surskit Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega

You can find Pidey in a Pokemon Outbreak in Pokemon Diamond

Yanmega is #469 in the national pokedex, and it is a Bug-Flying type Pokemon.

where do i find a totodile in Pokemon diamond/pearl on nintendods

You can not find or get manaphy on Pokemon diamond but you can by hacking, trading or... if you have Pokemon ranger you have to complete the manaphy mission and then you can put it onto diamond.

get an action replay and find a cheat that lets u find all the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

you cant you have to evolve yanma with a ancient power or hidden power i cant remember

To get a Manaphy in Pokemon Diamond you have to get Pokemon ranger and defeat it and you have to trade it to Pokemon Diamond,Platinum or Pearl.

Mew cannot be found in Pokemon diamond

To get a Yanmega you have to evolve your Yanma. You can do this by teaching it the move Ancient Power, which it will learn on level 33. If you don't have a Yanma they can be found in the Safari Game.

To get Yanmega you must first evolve Yanma. Yanma only evolves once learning the move ancient power and leveling up.

Yanma doesn't evolve in Crystal. Yanmega wasn't introduced until the 4th generation games (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum).

I believe you have to get Yanma to learn Ancient Power then level it up and happy-do-da day a Yanmega.

You can't find a Ho-ho in Pokemon Diamond. You have to migrate.

y could find them all over pokemon diamond,and pearl.

you cant find a electivire in Pokemon diamond you can only trade from another game

Not really that rare... in Pokemon Diamond you can find Sunkerns on Route 204

you have to catch all of the pokemon in diamond or SEE all of the pokemon

You can't find Articuno in pokemondiamond but you can migrate it in pokemon leaf green version or pokemon fire red version.

id say herracross, dustox,and mothimyou will find them at night or morning when you slather a tree with honey.However, you can also use Vespiquen, Yanmega, and Scizor if you've beaten the game already.

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