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you can find advice about guys from ur friends. If you have a friend at least a year older (like i do) and she went through this whole ~GUY~ thing and knows what to do, just ask her! and then go up to ur crush and ask him out!!!!!!

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What is a good website to find guy advice?

GirlsAskGuys is a good website , it has questions that guys have asked girls for advice about dating/relationships etc. There are also questions that girls have asked guys. I've attached a related link below to the site.

Advice on guys?

Guy Advice ! my only advice on guys would be... even if you dont think it will work , PLAY HARD TO GET! it always workss. no matter what guy. *also: BE YOURSELFF & DONT LIE. (it makes it awkward when he finds out you lied)

Im 14 and have had boyfriends but I need advice to find a guy and get him to like me?

U don't need to find a guy and get him to like u ,just be yourself around guys and one will soon come but until then just be patient ,cause good guys come to the girls that wait.

Do guys come for advice when they like you?

no definite answer. it just depends on the guy.

Where can I find advice on cosmetology school?

You can find advice on cosmetology school pretty much anywhere on line, or you can also find advice from the actual schools you are interested in attending.

How are guys that is 14 years old on WikiAnswers?

Well they might have good advice.

Where can someone find information about psychic advice?

You can find psychic advice online from the Keen website. This site will provide information about the advice and you can also find a psychic available to help you.

Where can one find free business advice?

You can find free business advice online at the Score Organization website. Alternatively, you can also find free business advice from websites such as Forbes and About.

Some guys find black women less attractive?

Guys that find black women "less" attractive is a very vague statement....Some guys find other guys attractive...(gay)Some guys find children attractive...(pedophiles)There are guys that attract ONLY to "black" women or ONLY to Asian. It means nothing.

What Piercing Do Guys Find The Most Attractive?

A guys find the tongue the most sttractive piercing

What do guys notice about girls?

most guys when looking for a girl look how pretty they are and how daring you are... sometimes if your lucky they look at your personality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: DONT TAKE MY ADVICE

How do you find hot guys online?

Guys: find them on my space, facebook, meet the or

Do Black guys find accents attractive?

Black guys find a woman with an accent very attractive.

Where can one find advice to finance investment property?

The best place to find advice on financing investment property is a real estate agency. However, one can also find advice from Forbes as well as banks.

Where can one find mutual find advice?

One can find mutual fund advice online from a number of websites. Advice can be found from CNN Money, MSN Money, Money Control and from Best Mutual Fund.

There is this guy that is your best friend that you will do anything for and you cant even dream of wanting anyone other than him are you in love or is it a crush?

Try hanging out with other guys. If you love him then you will not have any feelings for any of the other guys; however, if you just have a crush on him, then you will develop feelings for other guys. My advice is to take some time away from him and see other guys. If you love him, find out if he feels the same way.

Does Seo Advice have a twitter that one can follow?

"Yes, you can find Seo Advice on twitter. Their username is @seoadvice. You can search for seo advice on the twitter website and you should find it easily."

Is he sorry for what he did to me?

Your advice is: It all depends on what the situation that you are in. You should talk to him and see if you guys can work things out.

Why do guys ask girls for advice?

That is unusall unless he's ur friend and its because were smarter

Where can a person find advice to find the best equity home loan?

A person can find advice to find the best equity home loan at a website called BankRate. This website will provide rates, news, and advice on the best equity home loans.

What do guys find most repulsive about girls GUYS ONLY?


Do guys find beautiful lips attractive in girls?

some guys

How do you find a guys prostate?

== ==

What is the life cycle of guppies?

Well I am trying to find out the answer but you guys are not helping Well I am trying to find out the answer but you guys are not helping

Do guys find brunettes attractive?

It depends on the guys tastes, but there is definitely lots of people who find brunettes attractive.

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