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'bi-mart' in NW-USA, oval can

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Is Tim a sardine?

YES Tim is a sardine

Is sardine can jows?

cab sardine jows?

Where can you find empty sardine cans or cans of a similar size?


Where would you find a felly?

normally is found in oversized ships

When was Rainbow sardine created?

Rainbow sardine was created in 1847.

Is a sardine a young pilchard?

Yes, a sardine is a young pilchard. There are several types of sardines such as the rainbow sardine and the goldstripe sardinella.

How do you make a doggle sardine in RuneScape?

To make a doggle sardine, you must go to Varrock and behind Gertrude's house there is a doggle plant. Pick the leaves and then use them on a regular sardine and you have a doggle sardine!

Is a cod smaller than a sardine?

"Cod" is a species of fish. "Sardine" is the way a fish is presented. Any small fish can be called a sardine by being packed in a tin. By the same token, no live fish in the ocean is a sardine. Conceivably, a small cod could be a sardine.

Where can you find a sardine in the dog island?

You can find them in all of the oceans I found mine in the Green Meadows ocean. You have to fish for them.

Is salmon is bigger than sardine?

A salmon is bigger than a sardine.

What do you do after you find the scrapbook in ghost story island?

When you get it go to the fountain and give the bird a sardine

Name of Soft finned marine food fish of northern seas with long body and fragile silvery scales?

sardine sardine sardine

Is a sardine bigger or smaller than a herring?

A sardine is smaller than a herring

When was Slender rainbow sardine created?

Slender rainbow sardine was created in 1849.

What does the father sardine say to the young sardine when he sees a submarine?

look at that can of people

How does oversized single din differ from single din?

The difference is that the oversized single din is just that - OVERSIZED.

Is oversized an adjective?

Yes, it is. It means of larger than nominal size (oversized load, oversized bed).

Is the sardine has a fur?


Fish used in doing sardines?

Sardines, or pilchards, are several types of small, oily fish related to herrings, family Clupeidae. The terms sardine and pilchard are not precise, and the usual meanings vary by region. The United Kingdom's Sea Fish Industry Authority, for example, classifies sardines as young pilchards. The FAO/WHO Codex standard for canned sardines cites 21 species that may be classed as sardines. Canned sardines in supermarkets may actually be "sprat" (such as the "brisling sardine") or round herrings.TaxonomyGenus DussumeriaRainbow sardine - Dussumieria acutaSlender rainbow sardine - Dussumieria elopsoidesGenus EscualosaSlender white sardine - Escualosa elongataWhite sardine - Escualosa thoracataGenus SardinaEuropean pilchard (true sardine) Sardina pilchardusGenus SardinellaRound sardinella (gilt sardine, Spanish sardine) Sardinella aurita Sardinella longiceps, Sardinella gibbosa (Indian sardines)Genus SardinopsSouth American pilchard (Pacific sardine, California sardine, Chilean sardine, South African sardine) Sardinops sagax

Is a sardine bigger than a salmon?

No A Sardine is is a small fish of about 4 inches in length this link will explain A salmon can weigh in excess of 60 pounds.

What did captain ahab ask the blacksmith to make out of the hardest metal he could find?

an oversized harpoon

Where can I find an oversized used fishing kayak in Washington? has listings for used kayaks in Washington.

How much do sardines weigh?

Sardine size varies from year to year depending on the current year class of sardine. Sardine caught in Washington's seine fishery ranges in size from 100 mm to 300 mm although the average length of sardine in Washington's fishery is typically 175-225 mm. The weight of sardine in Washington's fishery can be as small as 80 grams and as large as 300 grams but the average weight of sardine in our fishery is 150-175 grams.

How do you find or make a knife on sims2 castaways for ds?

You get a knife from Chef Butcher after you get him a sardine and a lime. You get a lime by getting the seed from Ms. Weeder (after you complete all of her tasks) by trading for it for a shell that you find by diving in the ocean and then plant it, care for it everyday and then harvest it when its ready. You find a sardine by spearfishing in salt water at night. Hope this helps =)

Where can you find empty sardine cans?

You can find some in the trashcan and in other diffrent places and when you sell them you can get aloy money money money my favorite have fun !

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