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Where can you find an owners manual for a savage model 7554 shotgun?


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I would start at Savage arms company home page for help.If you have no luck try E-bay,or gun

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You can find an owners manual for a Savage Arms Foremost model 6670H, 12 gauge shotgun by contacting the company. The phone number to call for the manual is 413 642-4261.

Probably at Savage customer service website (Savage bought Stevens in 1920)

You may find a reproduction on E-bay.They are listing alot of older model shotgun and rifle owners manuals.You could also look at

Savage Model 65M Manual

Manual for Savage Springfield Model 234

The Savage model 312 is an over under shotgun that Savage imported from Italy from 1990 through 1993. The shotgun was manufactured in northern Italy in the Gardone region.

Your shotgun is a Mossbeg 500. made by them for Sears. Go to the Mossberg website, customer serivce, owners manual, and download the manual for your shotgun.

your sears shotgun was made by savage arms.There model number was savage model 96.

Your savage model 67 shotgun was made in the 1970,s and discontinued by savage in 1989.

Yes, there is an owners manual available for a Charles Daly Model 500 double barrel shotgun. Various sources can be found online.

Your savage model 30F was made by savage/stevens from 1970-1975.

This model Cross refernces out to a Remington Sportsman 58, introduced in 1956, the Sportsman-58 was Remington's first gas-operated shotgun. You can request an owners manual for obsolete firearms at click on sportsmans library, then downloads, then owners manuals, then click obsolete owners manuals, you will have to register but it is worth it to get the free manual.

Gun shop, gun show, contact Savage, on line auctions, on line search

It is the same as the Savage 65M. You can download a similar manual here: or go to and see what they have.

A guy on eBay has a store called Rediscovered Shooting Treasures (RST). He sells reproductions of the Marlin Model 120 manual.

The Savage model 444B over under shotgun was made from 1969-1972.

The savage model 220 shotgun made from 1938-1965 will bring between 40-75 dollars.

Manuals for the model 101.5380D shotgun may be found at some Sears Roebuck gun dealers. However as an older gun model manuals may need to be special ordered by the store.

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