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Below are some TIPS

You can keep trading a really expensive item with a trusted person and get PP easily. (Yes, you keep trading that item.)

Trading is hard though, because the person might not give it back but what i recommend is that if you go to the cafe and pick up some pets with flys and take care of him/her.

Tip: Feed them lots of apples, it gives you 17 paw points for each apple.

This works for me. Give it a go.

trade is good but better way 1st: make another facebook account.

2nd: add yourself to your other account

3rd: make pet society with your other account

4th: (in the start you'll have 2000 coin so you can buy something and give it to your real account) trade item with him/her

5th: trust yourself!!

yeah i made up that cheat where you give money to yourself! anyway u don't get 2000 coins u get 3500 but after u do all the tasks u have about 4000....

if u have a cheat engine

na u can do it without a cheat engine

1. kissing friends gives you 20 coins. kiss each of your friends once a day for lots of money

2. Give the brush/soap to your bet theyll brush/clean themselves

3. buy three trees. go to your garden. plant ONE tree. Tomorrow plant the NEXT one. The next day plant the THIRD one. Everyday you'll have a tree full of food because it takes three days for a tree to grow.

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do some of the offers for points and put in someone else's contact info so they'll have to deal with it and you just get the points.

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Facebook Money is the money on Facebook that is used to play games and buy things. Bagshad :)

Well, it actually depends on what type of points your talking about. If there paw points, money, recycling points. Paw Points- You get 20 points with all the races or practices you do, you get them by cleaning any pet in pet society, visiting people... Money- There are points hidden in trees, win races at the stadium, some bananas when clicked contain 1 point, get to the goals and get trophies which get you trophy money... Recycling points- Recycling food, fish... when you get to each box they contain a prize too.

no money cheats ,only other cheats

S7VU6M gets you money or prestige points or a good car

SAVE! don't spend the money at all, use the energy to collect the money from rent, and the businesses in your city, also use the energy to harvest your plants to provide the goods for the businesses so that they can provide you money. I saved over $18,000 in cityville on facebook, now i had the money to do what ever I want. or use cheats

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No, there were never any money cheats!

S7VU6M gets you money or prestige points or a good car

There is acually generators that could help you but it wont't work.You could try changing the time on the tool bar to get more money faster.

, i am the owner of facebook and we get our money from every single person that has a facebook account mwhahahahahahahah

-running -visit friend -selling vegetable you can buy seed from the shop

You can get unlimited dogs, money and trainer points if you have an r4 ds card or a m3 ds card then you go onto the cheats and select the cheats that are the riht ones then you will have unlimited everything! there is one for every item! noT SURE IF THEIR IS A MANSION BUT NEVA HERD OF ONE AND HAVE HAD THIS GAME FOR YEARS!

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