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You can find digital camcorder reviews and comparisons online or through publications like Consumer Reports. Newegg is a good source for user reviews on electronic devices.

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2011-07-13 23:52:59
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Q: Where can you find digital camcorder reviews and comparisons?
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Where can one find the newest digital camcorder reviews?

There are a few websites that have reviews of different digital camcorders. The most reliable place to find reviews is a website called ConsumerReviews.

Where can you find customer reviews on digital camcorder cameras?

I would recommend looking at amazon for customer reviews on digital camcorders. They have tons of reviews for millions of products. I find that the reviews are not bias as well.

Where can I find the best reviews and comparisons of digital slr cameras?

There are three very good sites which offer reviews and comparisons for digital SLR cameras. These three sites are,, and

Where can you find independent reviews about the Canon XL2 digital camcorder?

You can watch CNETS video reviews. You can read reviews,compare prices and find lowest price deals on camcorders at Videomaker. This camcorder was designed to be a the highest professionsal product.

Where can one find reviews of new digital cameras?

CNET Reviews of Digital Cameras, Consumer Reports, Ritz Camera, and What Digital Camera all offer side by side comparisons of newly offered as well as older digital cameras.

Where would one be able to find reviews of digital cameras?

If one is wanting to find reviews of digital cameras there are a number of sites where one can find a variety of reviews. They are readily available on Amazon by customers who have actually purchased and used the cameras. Another great site for reviews, ratings and comparisons is the Top Ten Reviews website.

Where can one find reviews on a Sony Handycam DVD Camcorder?

One can find reviews on a Sony Handycam DVD Camcorder from several different places. Some of the places in which one can find reviews on a Sony Handycam DVD Camcorder are: Amazon, and Walmart.

Where can one find consumer reviews for which is the best HD camcorder?

There are many websites which have consumer reviews for HD camcorders. Some websites which have reviews for this product are CNet, Digital Trends, and BH Photo Video.

Do they still make digital camcorder tape?

They do still sell digital camcorder tape. You can find them through several websites online such as

Where can one find reviews on the HDR-HC1 camcorder?

Reviews on the HDR-HC1 camcorder can be found in online shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay. These reviews are made by the customers who have purchased the said product.

Where can one find digital camera reviews by price?

There are many sites that have both reviews and price comparisons for specific cameras. One such sites is PC mag. Here they give you many options and reviews of cameras with an estimated price for each.

Where can I find a good deal on a digital camcorder?

There are several websites in which you can find a deal on a digital camcorder. An easy way to shop for a digital camcorder would be to determine which model you would like to purchase, then do a google shopping search, which will then pull up various offers available online for that product.

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