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Where can you find easy but good unit studies to get a high school age child caught up by next year so she can return to school?


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I woould say to contact your child's school system, they can give you an idea of the curriculum that they should be following. If that's not feasible, call the board of education for your state's schools - you should be able to get information from them. Or, look it up on - line, because I would assume though not exact, general high school requirements can be found a number of places. When I homeschooled my child, that's where I found the information and what was required. Nothing in high school is easy... Your school guidance counselor should be able to help you with getting reinforcement work for your child. Im not understanding why they are not doing that now. A guidance couselor is the front line along with the teachers, at the school to help keep the child on tract. If they and you see they are falling on the wayward side, they should have been suggesting and working on a plan for this already. It doesnt matter if she is in school or not now, you do pay taxes to the school base and they should be and are prepared to help...Im sure their are self help books on line or at the library. You need to find out what she is behind on and also what will be on topic for next year. My county has a web site thru the school that is age appropriate for all grades that has extra work studies and tests, they can do daily. Either call the school and ask for the site or call the library..... good luck.