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At your local library.

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Q: Where can you find examples of bullets for DA Form 7222-1?
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Where can you find examples of bullets for DA Form 7222?

At your local library.

What is the difference between a Confederate bullet and an Union bullet?

There was no difference between Confederate bullets and Union bullets. Both the Union and Confederate troops used any weapons and bullets that they could find. Weapons and bullets were frequently stolen from the other side.

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Some would, some wouldn't. It would be hard to give examples here. Try an internet search for "bullet ballistics" and see what you find. Some bullets penetrate a few inches, some bullets can penetrate several feet.

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Let the original number of bullets be x. Each friend received x/3 bullets. After shooting 4 bullets each, they have x/3 - 4 bullets left. The total number of bullets left is equal to the bullets each had after division, so x/3 - 4 = x/3. Solving this equation gives x = 36. Thus, the original number of bullets divided was 36.

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NIBIN !....your welcome .