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You don't you have to use an Hm on a Pokemon


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HM 02 Fly is with the woman outside Cianwood City Gym.

it is given to you when you defeat the 5th gym leader by his wife

A lady will give it to you after beating the gym in Cianwood City.

I believe it is either HM6 or HM7.

Ok well Pokemon soulsilver is the same thing as the old Pokemon silver if you have silver do not get soul silver but the best Pokemon game is comming out end of the year its called bronze, soul silver has 16 gyms because you fly to another region for another eight its very easy i have already finished

If your in johto, to get to kanto you need to fly to the Pokemon league. From the Pokemon league you can fly anywhere across the map, johto or kanto

what Pokemon can use fly, lets find outcharizard,all birds(allmost),dragonite,silver snorelax(shiny Pokemon)

yes you can find that out in soul silver when lance flies on his so the answer is yes

By access you mean use? If so then you just select a Pokemon that knows fly and the word "fly" should be there. Select it and a map will pop up. Choose a destination and your Pokemon will take you there.

hi chris here with out the magnet train the fastest way to get back to johto is to fly to the Indigo Plato from there you can fly anywhere

After you beat the gym leader in Cianwood, there will be a woman in front of the gym. She should talk to you and give it to you.

HM 02 in Heart Gold and Soul Silver is Fly .But you get it at the end of the 7th or 8th gym.

near enterna gym in the trees you will also find a green Dialga lo

You need to go to cianwood city beat the leader then youll get the hm fly from a lady when you exit then teach it to a Pokemon tht can fly then go to Pokemon click on tht 1 then click fly then click where you want to go simples

First battle Chuck, the gym leader in Cainwood City. If you win, when you get out of the gym, his mum will give you HM 2, Fly.

Fly is HM2, surf to Ciawood City and beat the gymleader Chuck. After beating him, woman outside of the gym gives you HM2 - Fly and you can use it right away.

first you have to beat the Pokemon league then you have to get a magnet train pass and then you will find steven in vermillion city and he will tell you that latios has come to kanto and after he leaves check your pokegear map and a latios icon will be there and that's where you will find latios (he will move if you fly or approach him too fast)

you can find it anywere you have to ride you bike to it you cannot fly it will move farther away just if u see it on say... route 33 then go to route 34 and it will move closer to you

After defeating the Pokemon league,Fly to the bottom of the Pokemon league and enter then walk to the left.

There is a Pokemon Center in almost every city in Johto and Kanto. Whenever you use the HM fly the bird Pokemon almost always drops you of directly in front of the Pokemon Center in that town or city.

After you beat Chuck(5th gym leader) on Cianwood island, i woman will talk to you and give you HM02.

the moves that i have my lugia use are extrasensory,fly,aeroblast and hydro pump that way it is good even against grass type Pokemon which are super effective!

First you have to beat Pokemon Trainer Red. Then you go to Professor Oak and you get either bulbasuar, charmander or squirtle. Then you go to Mr. Pokemon and he gives you a Red orb if you have Soul Silver or a Blue orb in Heart Gold. Then you fly to the Embedded Tower and find Kyogre in Heart Gold and Groundon in Soul Silver. Then you have to transfer a Groundon (if you got Kyogre) or a Kyogre (if you got Groundon) into your game. Then you go to Professor Oak with them both in your party and he will give you a Jade Orb. Then Fly back to the Embedded Tower to find Raquaza!!! -Game Champion

Lose 20 Pokemon battles in a row with two level 23s and then go to the Pokemon centre and heal your Pokemon then fly to the lake of rage he will be there. Or just use the new cheats hope this helps

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