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Disney offers many services for guests at City Hall on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. In other parks such as Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, and the Animal Kingdom, the best place to start is Guest Relations, usually located just inside the main gate. If you locked your keys inside the car, or left the lights on and have a dead battery, Security or a tow-truck will help you. Go to City Hall or Guest Relations, and they will call someone for you. The closest car repair options are the Goodyear near the Magic Kingdom parking lot and the Main gate Exxon. Disney Security is ever-present and will help you contact either location. Lost and Found items are centrally located at City Hall and Guest Relations. If you find something, or lose something (even one of the kids!) go there. You can also leave packages to retrieve later. Messages are a neat Disney feature. You can leave a message at the designated Guest Relations area of any park, to be picked up by members of your party at any other park! How

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Q: Where can you find guest services at Walt Disney World?
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