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The best place is to go to the Remington Collector Site and Register and post on the forums someone there will be able to correctly identify and supply the proper information.

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Where can you find a replacement stock for piepers Bayard 22 cal rolling block rifle?

Will have to be made.

When was this browning 1885 rolling block made its a 270 cal. an the serial?

You will have to call Browing with the sn to find out.

Where can you find an exploded view of a Remington model 2 rolling block?

Numrich gun parts corp.may have a exploded view of this model on there web site.

Did remington model 4 have a serial number?

The answer is yes. How do I know; I have a model 4 rolling block rifle. I am trying to find out the year of mfg. The serial# is 354682

How can you find information on a Belgium small bore hex brl rolling block Possibly .22?

Gun show or on line auction or old gun catalogs

Where can you find informatin on an old Remington 32 caliber rimfire rifle?

Is it a Model 4 or a Model 6 or a rolling block? Try posting over at

Found a 22 rifle single shot that is all metal has no stock and has a serial number B41322 loads from barrel Trying to find info on it?

Single shot? Rolling block?

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Is brown sugar by the rolling stones?

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Where can you find different variations of the Remington model 4 rolling block rifle?

Have you tried the Remington Arms web-site? From the information that I have the Number 4 rolling block rifle was made in the following variations: No. 4 Rolling Block Rifle, manufactured from 1890 to 1933 in .22 S-L-LR, .25 Stevens (barrel may be marked "25-10"), or .32 short or long rimfire calibers. Cadet Model (pre-dates the Boy Scout Model) only manufactured from 1911 to 1912..........very rare No. 4-S "Boy Scout Model" caliber .22 S-L-LR No. 4-S Rolling Block Rifle Military (commonly marked "MILITARY MODEL") or "AMERICAN BOY SCOUT" which is also very rare. These were thought to have been used by military academies for training cadets.

What is the Value of a XL44 center fire shotgun rolling block take down have 1 shell brass with leather pug?

Can you find any additional markings on the gun? You may have a Stevens Model 44 Ideal Single Shot, but my references disagree on whether these had a rolling block or falling block action and none specifically say there were smoothbore versions. The Blue Book lists a value of $275 for this model in 60% condition and $500 in 95%. Since these were often a boy's first firearm, they were usually got rough use and little care, so a 60% gun is not easy to find.

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When was Nitro Hunter 22 cal single shoot rolling bolck rifle made?

I have a nitro hunter rolling block .22 cal, that my grandfather gave to me, it still works, and i have a lot of fun with it, he said he got it in 1909, in Salem Indiana for 17.00 dollars i cant find any information on the gun, but i am still looking

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