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Where can you find information about Michael Collins?

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Click on the link to your right for information about Michael Collins.

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Where can you find information on the Collins family tree including Michael Collins?

Try: or RootsWeb Try searching the LDS web site and

How can I find out if my grandfather James O'Driscoll was related to Michael Collins?

text him

Where does Michael Collins live?

Michael Collins resides in south Florida.

How tall is Chad Michael Collins?

Chad Michael Collins is 6'.

What is Michael Collins home address?

That's his personal information. Why would you want to know that?

Why did Michael Collins became a scientist?

Michael Collins didn't become a scientist, Micheal Collins was assassinated

Did Michael Collins have kids?

Michael Collins had three kids, Ann, Kate and Michael jr.

When did Michael Collins the astronaut retire?

Michael Collins stepped down in 1970

What was the Production Budget for Michael Collins?

The Production Budget for Michael Collins was $25,000,000.

Which astronaut was aboard Apollo 11 but did not walk on the Moon?

Michael CollinsMichael Collins

When was Michael Collins born?

Michael Collins, the Irish revolutionary and politician, was born on the 16th of October, 1890. Michael Collins, the astronaut, was born on October 31, 1930.

Is Eileen Collins related to Michael Collins?


Are Suzanne Collins and Michael Collins related?


When was Michael Collins Piper born?

Michael Collins Piper was born on 1960-07-17.

Was Michael Collins protestant?

Michael Collins was Roman Catholic; see also the link below.

What has the author Michael JS Collins written?

Michael J.S Collins has written: 'St. Mary's'

How much money did Michael Collins gross worldwide?

Michael Collins grossed $27,572,844 worldwide.

Is the actor Liam Neeson in the film called Michael Collins?

Yes. The actor Liam Neeson does appear in the film called Michael Collins.He plays the role of Michael Collins himself in the film.Michael Collins was released in 1996. And it was directed by Neil Jordan.

Why did Michael Collins pilot Apollo 11?

Michael Collins was the command module pilot of Apollo 11.

How much money did Michael Collins gross domestically?

Michael Collins grossed $11,092,559 in the domestic market.

Does Michael Collins have a wife?

Yes her name is Patricia Collins.

Was Michael Collins Lottie Collins brother?

No. I do not believe so.

Was Michael Collins a traitor?


How old was Michael Collins when he landed on the moon?

Michael Collins didn't land on the moon only Armstrong and Aldrin did.

What is the Height of Michael Collins?

Michael Collins was over 6" tall and known as 'the big fella' due to his height