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Answered 2008-07-24 18:50:50 Look at the table of contents and see if you can find your rifle. Firearms International was an importer, not a manufacturer. They imported Sako, FN, Garcia, LaSalle, AYA, Rossi, Star, Astra, etc.

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What is the value of serial 288784?

is the serial number on a truck, car, airplane or firearm ???? if a firearms, who made it, model number, caliber......... value on ANYTHING has to do with overall condition...................

What is the caliber of a ruger firearm with the serial number 31398342?

There is no way to determine the caliber of a firearm from the serial number unless you have access to detailed records from the company and this sort of information is seldom released to the public. However, almost anyone who is familiar with firearms could probably answer this question by looking at the gun. If not, a gunsmith can take an exact measurement.

Where is the serial number on a Marlin model 81 22 rifle?

Early firearms in .22 caliber were not required to have a serial number. Your Marlin 81 falls into this time frame.

How much is Meriden Firearms Co Model 15 22 caliber with serial 22801 worth today?

10-100 usd

What is the age and caliber of Model 1894 serial 221418?

It was manufactured in 1901. The people at the Cody FIrearms Museum can tell you what caliber it was when it was made (and it should still be the same if it has not been rechambered) if you send them the serial number and $50. Or you could read what is stamped on the side of the barrel.

How do you find out more info on a 22 caliber EIG pistol serial number 10372?

Blue Book of Gun Values, Standard Catalog of Firearms

What is the value of 38 caliber Smith and Wesson serial number 130378?

Impossible to value with only the serial number and no other information.

What is the value and other information about a 38 caliber 5-shot Meriden Firearms Company pistol serial 209331 with an ivory handle?

Meriden Firearms, 1905-1915, was a subsidiary of Sears Roebuck. Probably not real ivory, but could be. Value depends on condition, but probably not over $150 in excellent condition.

What year was a marlin 336sc 35 caliber rifle with serial number G57503?

Your marlin 336sc(standard carbine) was made by the marlin firearms company in 1950.

Where can you get information on a Winchester 1895 30 Army no serial number?

You will need to contact the Cody Firearms Museum.

Is there any way to identify a gun with just a serial number?

No. You need to know at least the manufacturer, the model, and in some cases the caliber and the approximate date of manufacture. Serial numbers were not required on firearms in US prior to 1968.

What is the year of manufacture for browning serial number 66243?

Impossible to answer. You have not proivded anything besides the serial number. Browning has made tens of thousands of firearms. Is it a revolver, pistol, shotgun or rifle? What caliber or gague? Features? Finish?

Colt Police Positive 38 caliber with the serial number being 491920 What year was this manufactured?

Most manufacturers of firearms keep detailed records of various models and their respective manufacture date. Check out the Colt firearms website as a starter

Any information on Colt Police positive 32 Caliber serial Number 118840?

With serial # 118840, it was made in 1914. 95 years ago.

What is the year of manufacture of my Belgum FN 25 caliber with serial number 100337S?

Contact Browning Firearms Customer Service. Many of the FN records were lost during the war.

What caliber is a browning with serial number 23063?

Serial numbers do not designate calibers. Look on the brrel to ID the caliber.

What is the caliber of a s w pistol w serial 238301?

Can't tell the caliber from just the serial number.

What is the caliber of pre 64 model 70 serial 412750?

No way to know the caliber from just the serial number

When was a gun with the serial number 27764 made and what is its caliber?

No way for us to tell without more information. Serial numbers are NOT unique to any one gun.

When was Belgian Browning serial number 589953 made?

No way to answer with only the serial number and no other information like, caliber/gauge, action type, etc..

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson revolver with a serial of 400980?

Impossible to answer without more information, such as caliber and type of action.

What is the value on a 45 caliber snubnose?

You need to provide more information like model, serial number, and condition.

What kind of pistil grip for 32 caliber s and w ctgl serial?

Impossible to answer without more information

Where can you find information about a 30-30 WCF Switzerland rifle serial 27111?

Contact the Cody Firearms Museum.

What is the caliber for a 1851 navy colt serial number 107381?

It would be in 36 caliber or 44 caliber...