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Q: Where can you find information about a Redferns Goddard double barrel percussion shotgun?
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Can a percussion cap shotgun shoot modern shotgun shells?


Who made a percussion shotgun?

Dozens of comapanies.

What is information on a J Stevens double barrel hammer-cap shotgun?

I would have to do some searching to verify this, but I don't believe Stevens ever made a shotgun using percussion caps.

Where can you find information on a Goddard double barrel shotgun from the 1800's?

Old gun catalogs, library, gun shows, gun shops, Blue Book of Gun Values, Standard Catalog of Firearms.

Shotgun Neumann Bros 410 Gauge Percussion Double Damascus value?

50-100 or so

Is there such a gun as a 1846 springfield shotgun?

This needs more information. Such a gun would be a percussion weapon, and possibly converted from a rifle, assuming 1846 as a mfr date. Get photos and post them on one of the antique firearm fora.

What is the value of a Neuman brothers twelve gauge double barrel side by side percussion cap shotgun?

Never heard of the maker.

What can you tell me about my percussion double barrel shotgun that has London Laminated Steele between the barrels and W Richards in front of the left percussion trigger There is a brass shield?

I just purchased the same shot gun with a bird head handle.

Who invented percussion firearms?

The percussion cap was first invented by the Scotsman Reverend A Forsythe in 1803. His main reason for developing the system was to provide instant ignition to aid in the hunting of game birds (Forsyth was an avid duck hunter). His first percussion arm was of course a shotgun. Although patented in 1803 the percussion cap was not utilised on military arms for another 30 years.

Where can you get information about a shotgun made by Stanley Arms?

I can get information on a Stanley Arms shotgun from my brother. He is never wrong, either.

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge shotgun serial 152945?

Not enough information.

What is the screw that covers the spring on a shotgun called?

Sorry- there is simply not enough information in your question to answer it. Which shotgun? Which spring?