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Where can you find information about scholarships for your children?

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Libraries have lots of books listing tons different scholarships.

Just some of books that some libraries might have are College Board 2010 Scholarship Handbook, Peterson's Scholarships, Grants, & Prizes, The Ultimate Scholarship Book, and Scholarships: Billions of Dollars in Free Money for College. Most libraries in the U.S. will interlibrary loan items for free.

A college financial aid office will have staff who should know about grants, scholarships, and the latest rules, policies, and deadlines.

Many schools have access to their own scholarships that only those people associated with the school know about.

The U.S. Department of Education is responsible for producing millions of dollars for college. The Pell Grant is a popular grant but there are a few others that might help.

There are free online scholarship search services where you fill out a profile and the computer program searches for scholarships based on your profile, such as field of study, gender, and more.

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You can find information about University scholarships by visiting their websites or inquiring directly. Scholarships may vary from school to school..

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There are many websites online where you can find out information about scholarships in Texas. I suggest you try looking on a website called You will find all the information you need on there.

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You can find reliable information about scholarships by searching at your school's career center or by asking teachers and peers for scholarship opportunities.

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