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Many big cities have a Japanese or Asian cultural center. Many cities around the world also have ikebana flower schools.

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What is the meaning of the cherry blossom in the Japanese culture?

In the Japanese culture, the cherry blossom represents the cycle of life and how our lives blossom and fall. The blossoms represent the beautiful but transient nature of life. In China, femininity is represented by the blossoms.

Information about the physical features of Japan?

1.what was japan eaely history and culture like? did the modernization of japan take a place? 3.where do most Japanese live? 4.what are the major Japanese cities like? 5.what is life in japan like? has the Japanese economy developed?

How do Japanese woodblock prints reflect the beliefs or customs of the culture?

They represent the Buddhist belief in the transience of life.

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How might japan's culture have developed differently without chinese influence?

the Japanese adopted ideas and developed distinctive cultural practices that are an important part of Japanese life today

What is the meaning of a Japanese red dragon?

Red dragons in Japanese culture can symbolize many things. This drago symbolizes passion, love, blood, war, emerging life, and death.

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For a serious answer you can learn about the Japanese culture and it does interest a lot of people because you learn about peoples way of life.

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Kyoko Hijirida has written: 'Japanese language and culture for business and travel' -- subject(s): Conversation and phrase books, English, Japanese language, Social life and customs

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