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Q: Where can you find information on future Thunderbird shows?
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How can you find information about your 1965 thunderbird special landau vin no 5y87z144542?

Click the link. This is the Thunderbird Registry. It has information about actual vehicles and their VINs, not just general information. It is for all Thunderbirds 1955-2005 regardless of condition or location.

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Where do I find a 1989 Ford Thunderbird cooling system diagram?

you can probably find the information you need at your local library in the automotive repair section.

How do i find information about the 94 ford Thunderbird?

You're being way too vague. What kind of info do you want?

Where do i find a 1986 Thunderbird graphic dash cluster?

where do i find a graphic dash cluster for a 1986 ford thunderbird

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Where can you find a fuse panel diagram for a 1968 Ford Thunderbird?

I have the original owners manual for a Ford 1968 Thunderbird. I scanned an image of the diagram and posted it here:

Where can you find a fuse diagram for a 1990 ford thunderbird if you do not have the box top that shows the diagram anymore?

Go to and look under service. I think there will be a place asking for year, make, and model. Then you click on owners manual/information - it will be a pdf file. You will be able to print it out.

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Where can you find the wiring diagram for the 1966 Thunderbird?

My mechanic was able to pull one from his tech computer for the 1966 Ford V8 Thunderbird. it says " copyright 2001, Mitchell Repair Information Company. Also, have you tried Thunderbird Headquarters in Concord, Ca.? 800-227-2174. They have just about everything and only do Thunderbirds

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Go to and click on images the type in what you would like such as Haida thunderbird.

Where can you find vacuum hose diagram for 1967 ford Thunderbird?

Thunderbird Ranch is the only place I have found them so far

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Find a copy of Schematic for brake lights on 1998 ford Thunderbird?

Ford stopped making the Thunderbird in 1997 and didn't start again until after 2000. So you don't have a 1998 Thunderbird.

Where can you find a diagram that shows how to adjust the lock on the drivers door of a 1993 Thunderbird?

Haynes and Chilton are two excellent manuals that cover everything about your car. Any Advanced Auto or autozone will Cary them.

Where to find VIN on 1955 Ford Thunderbird?

It is located on the firewall.

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