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Go on to Google and type in, How black peole were treated in the 30's


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A harsh place for black people Slavery had just finished but black people were still treated like slaves by white people

the white people took the blacks as slaves for very small pay and they were treated like second class people

In the 1930s racism was at one of its highest points. Black people were treated very poorly by white people because they believed that they were beneath them.

black people were treated as a lesser race and treated unfairly and acused of crime but they were inocent.

Black people were treated badly during the american soda bomb.

because black people are constantly treated like trash and stereotyped badly

Today, they are treated with antibiotics.

they were treated very harshly.

The white people had many things that blacks didnt. Blacks were treated as animals and they even had to SIT in diferent waiteing areas because the whites were so racist.

There is no way to tell how black people are treated in Japan. These people are not often seen but every Japanese will treat someone differently.

they were treated with care before dying

In the middle of 18 to 1900s, they were treated as slaves.

Black Americans and Black people in general are treated very well in Ireland. Ireland has a reputation for being welcoming to all races.

They treated black people wrong b/c they had a different skin color they treated white people good because of there wealth

Blacks were treated bad in the 1930's because they were not of the same race as the whites, so they thought they shouldn't be treated the same. In the 1930's the colored people were treated badly because back then the "white" people didn't think "Black" people were just as equal to them. They didn't feel as though "blacks" were equal enough to be treated the same. That's why back then there were separate resturaunts,separate schools, separate bathrooms, separate water fountains, etc

black people were treated extremely badly used them as servants. They were harassed by white people daily were not allowed to have their rights on voting!

The Black Codes regulated how slaves could be treated. These laws also regulated how free black people could be treated by whites.

Racism in the 1930s was still prevalent and as unskilled jobs became more difficult to find, black unemployment began to rise. Black people began to organize unions.

Because the white people didn't like the black people and they didn't want them.

it was horrible black people did not deserve to be treated like that

People treated them as if they were animals or dirt back then

Blacks where treated different because the white people thought they where beter than the blacks.

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