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Where can you find information on how to chalk draw a football field?

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One option would be to Google "football field stencils" will bring up several companies that provide the directions for this.

2008-09-27 12:53:41
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How do you make a football field out of paper?

you get 2 sheets of paper, glue them together, then you draw on it to make it look like a football field

How do you draw a football field?

just get on youtube and search it. they might have it on

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taylors chalkfabric penwax

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With certain types, yes, such as ones that are similar to chalk in that they make a white mark when you draw with them.

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If you live in America and believe in American culture then you can draw any thing you like to draw!

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if by medium you mean something to draw with and not "on" than yes. they are both great messed mediums to draw with.

What is a no score draw in football?

no score draw is = 0-0

How do you draw football players?


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so if people want to use a different color to draw with.

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To write and draw with chalk for educational, personal, entertainment, or commercial uses.

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