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May I respectfully suggest:

Register of Ships of the US Navy,1775-1990 by K. Jack Bauer & Stephen S. Roberts New York Greenwood Press 1991 ISBN: 0-313-26202-0


History of US Naval Operations in WW 2 XIV vol. & supplement by Samuel Eliot Morison Edison, NJ Castle Books 2001

Richard V. Horrell WW 2

Bring up this site and read the history of that ship. Carriers

Here is a picture of the ship breaking up. Image and Image2

All this information comes from the web site Haze Gray and Underway

My father served on the Makassar Strait (The Might Mak) from commissioning thru October 1945. I have lots of specific information & photographs from his time aboard, as well as websites detailng her service record. Feel free to contact me.

I just got 244 hits just doing a search for "CVE-91 Makassar Straight" hope this helps

I just answered another question about the Makassar Strait. Just finished printing a history of her from the time her keel was laid in Astoria Washington until the secretary of the navy authorized her use as a target ship on 28 August 1958. She was struck from the navy list Sept 1, 1958. I would be happy to send a copy if you want one. I am interested because my brother served aboard her.

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Q: Where can you find information on the USS Makassar Strait CVE-91?
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