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Where can you find instructions on changing a heater core in a 1991 Ford Escort?


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2005-10-30 15:54:15
2005-10-30 15:54:15

Try a Chilton manual(you can get them at most parts stores).


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They are called cabin filters and no your Ford does not have one.

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The dash must be completely removed in order to gain access to the heater box. Then the heater hoses are disconnected and the heater box is removed and opened up. That gains access to the heater core for relacement.

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Some heaters are in the freeze plug and hard to get at. TAke it to a garage.

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Yes it does. The whole dash has to come out of the car. Denise

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It takes 6.5qt when empty/new with no oil in the cooler, but if you just changing the oil it will take 4.5 qt.

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