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Your Revelation 100 is a Mossberg 321. Numrich (gun parts corp) is sold out. You might check Havlin Sales- but the cost of a stock is likely to be half of the worth of the rifle- or more. Sorry-

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Q: Where can you find new or used gun stock for a model 100 revalation 22?
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Where can you find a new or used stock for a model 520-30?

I have a used "riot" 520-30 butt stock.

Who would carry a revolution 16 gauge pump shot gun and has one in stock?

Revalation was a brand name of the Western Auto Hardware Company. Many guns were manufactured for Western Auto by Mossberg, Marlin, and perhaps others that had the Revalation name. They have not been sold for years now and any in stock would be used guns.

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Where can you purchase a butt stock for a crescent firearms 12 gauge shotgun?

LONG out of production, the company is no more. You may find a used stock at gunpartscorp, but you would need a match to the correct model- there were dozens.

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No such model number ever used by Browning.

Where to get a 22 410 over and under?

Savage Model 42 is the only one currently in production. Otherwise you would have to find someone that still has others in stock or used, such as Rossi or Stevens.

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Where can one purchase a Winchester model 70 pre-64 stock?

If you're looking for a used original Winchester stock, contact Numrich arms.If you want something new, Google "Stock, Winchester, 1894 OR 94"

Need a stock for western field 22 rifle?

Westernfield was a "store brand" used by Montgomery Ward. Other companies such as Savage, Mossberg, and Marlin made the firearms, but marked them with the Westernfield name. The gunpartscorp website (large seller of gun parts) has a cross reference chart- find the model number of your rifle, go to the chart, scroll down to Montgomery Ward, find your model number, read across to find the maker and the original model number. THEN you will know which stock you are seeking, and can shop at gunpartscorp, or order one from the original maker IF they are still in business, and it is available. Good luck!

Where can you find parts for a Western Field Model 60 shotgun?

The Western Field Model 60 is the Stevens/Savage 620A. If your 'smith can't find new or good used wood for it, try Numrich Gunparts. If he was going to start with a blank stock, $400 sounds cheap, but this gun isn't that old, so factory stocks should be available.