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Where can you find parts for a 12 gauge American Gun Company single shot shotgun?


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2006-02-07 00:53:38
2006-02-07 00:53:38

Check the yellow pages for gunsmiths or go to a local gunshow. Be prepared to spend about twice the value of the repaired gun. Numrich Arms @


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The 12 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun Model 336882 from the Volunteer Arms Company was probably manufactured by the Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing Company that operated in Louisville, Kentucky. Iver Johnson Company and H & R, are two other gun manufacturers that made this type of shotgun.

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numrich has everything but the stock

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Your single shot 12 gauge shotgun was made by the Crescent Firearms Co.This company was in business from 1888-1931.Your single shot is valued at between 50-85 dollars,depending on overall condition.

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when was the carolina arms 16 gauge single barrel shotgun made

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