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Google Images. Type in the animals name, and animal farm. For example:

Boxer Animal Farm.

Or, Say the animal and type of animal. For example:

Napoleon Pig

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Q: Where can you find pics of animals from the book Animal Farm?
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Where did the animals find the lost farmhouse visiter in the book animal farm?

a cool place

Where can you find the answers to animal farm webquest?

read the book yo

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journey book

When the humans have been chases from the farm what do the animals do?

they go find the farmers and kick there but.

What electronic toys help kids learn about farm animals?

The Farm Animal Electronic Puzzle is great for learning farm animals. It is for ages 3 years and up and has some pretty fun sound effects. You can find it at this website:

Where can one find the characters list from Animal Farm?

You can find a list of the characters from Animal Farm on the cliffsnotes website or on the gradesaver website. Animal Farm is a novel by George Orwell.

Where do you find all of the animals for the journey book in crystal reef on animal jam?

We can not answer that question.

What is the original problem in the book Animal Farm?

As I recall it offers no soultion. It makes the point that being equal and being free are not the same.

What is the difference between farm animals and zoo animals?

the difference is you wont find most farm animals in a zoo and farm animals tend to bbe smarter.

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Animals that you can find in your own home, or on a farm.

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Every now and then a message would appear on your farm saying that a lost animal has appeared on your farm suggesting that you help it find a new home. If you accept it will be published in your news feed on Facebook and your friend will be able to adopt it. You can adopt animals that were found on your friends farm and they published it on their news feed. Also, I would just like to add that standing in one spot for about 5 minutes almost always brings in a lonely animal.

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In the 1700's you would usually find a dog for protection or hunting reasons, and in farming area there would usually be a horse or oxen and a cow. If the family lived on an animal farm they would have a veriety of different farm animals like pigs and chikens.