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The boys on FloridaShootersNetwork offer these useful links: Partial quote: "The shotgun barrel is 18" long and is supplied with three "Invector" style choke tubes -- F, M and IC or Skeet. The Crossfire choke tube wrench is rather interesting. It's a simple flat piece of black-oxidized metal with the relevant choke tube "notch" codes clearly engraved into it. What a great idea! The little wrench also carries a handy key-chain ring at one end. The rifle barrel is 16" long and is chambered to NATO 5.56mm standards, The twist is 1:9 and will stabilize the standard NATO SS109 bullet as well as some heavier hunting bullets. Both barrels are hammer forged by Saco." Enjoy!

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Q: Where can you find pictures and details of the SSA crossfire 88P shotgun rifle combination?
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