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you have to go to and look up twins


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Yes. All mutations of the genetic material are genetic.

Sudden genetic change in the DNA of an organism called mutations.

HA! there are no genetic mutations! DINOSAURS ARE DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS ARE DINOSAURS! no mutants

They can be source of genetic variety.

Genetic mutations are not always harmful to the individual. A few may be beneficial.

No but most mutations really harm you.

In most cases mutations increase genetic variation, but only if they propagate to later generations.

because mutations provides new allele for species of a population, which creates genetic variation

The crossing of chromosomes in prophase one increases genetic variation. Or, to say it more simply, mutations increase genetic variation.

mutations cause genetic variation, and vice-versa. If there is a genetic variation (or lack of one), then this can effect the severity of the mutation.

Frameshift mutations change the genetic material by adding or deleting nucleotides.

Genetic mutations is that causes cancer in most cases. Some cases of cancer is worst than others.

genetic variation originates from mutations on which evolution depends on.

Genetic variation is the mutations source of species. This then leads to evolution.

This ensures that the race as a whole retains the genetic mutations that are beneficial, and that the poor genetic mutations are gradually lessened.

mutations can affect genetic equilibrium by producing totally new alleles for a trait

(Hint: How does mutation affect genetic variation?) Mutations increase genetic variation, which is needed for natural selection to bring about evolutionary change.

take a genetic test - a blood or tissue sample is analysed for specific mutations

yesNo,it does not cause mutations. Mutations occur in the meiosis

They can both cause serious genetic disorders and can be lethal.

Some harmful genetic disorders caused by genetic mutations include sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, and cystic fibrosis.

what genetic mutation often lead to a disease

When mutations happen, they cause the alteration of genetic material.

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